You Can Make The Flux Capacitor Of Watches With This Kit

Ready to experiment with some electronics? MAKE has a kit for you that produces a cool watch with a big laser cut acrylic case. As one reviewer put it, this time piece is the “flux capacitor of watches”. I can definitely see the resemblance.

From the product description:

Solder:Time is an easy to solder real time watch kit with a unique laser cut acrylic casing. Four individual acrylic parts are cut to fit the internal PCB, battery and switch perfectly. Includes a velcro wrist band. After soldering the Solder:Time, the watch is built by stacking the acrylic parts with the PCB and holding it together with the included screws.

Sounds like the perfect project for a beginner. Happy soldering and time traveling!

Product Page ($24.50 via Make Zine)

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Gorgeous Watches Blend Steampunk With LEDs

There are steampunk watches, and then there are steampunk watches. These beautiful designs by Etsy seller Rubbertoe Rayguns are definitely in the latter (cooler) category. He mixes Italian leather, aluminum, and LEDs to create watch designs that aren’t like any I’ve seen before. They really nail the mix between Victorian aesthetics and modern technology.

He has a few different styles listed in the shop, and it looks like they’re customizable to a certain degree. Be sure to ask before you purchase!

Drool over more pics after the break.

Product Page ($129.95 via Walyou)

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New Kisai Polygon Watch From Tokyoflash

Tokyoflash has introduced a gorgeous new watch design: the Kisai Polygon. The stainless steel watch has angled surfaces and mirrored LCD segments that present the time in a different and easy to read way.

Twelve polygons on the outer ring of the display showcase the hours; they’re in the same place they would be on a regular clock. The six triangles in the next ring represent the minute hands, and single minutes are displayed in the center of the display. It takes a second but once you look at the examples, you’ll be able to tell what time it is with a glance.

The Kisai Polygon design is limited so if you want one, buy it now.

See more photos and a video after the break.

Product Page ($129)

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