Gundam Seed Destiny

Gundam Seed Destiny: Cagalli Yula Athha

gundam seed destiny cosplay - cagalli yula athha

It was in Gundam Seed Destiny that I began to hate Cagalli. I suppose suddenly becoming the “sort of” president of a country is extremely stressful, as well as having to marry someone for diplomatic means…

But I don’t like it that she has to cry so much and ask for so much pity and support from everyone.

Even though I don’t like the character, this cosplayer is so pretty! Though I think I actually like the first cosplayer that I posted then this one (which is a first!). Still… I love the cosplayer, the pose, and the photo! Great Job!

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Gundam Seed Destiny: Rey Za Burrel

gundam seed destiny cosplay - rey za burrel

The cool and collected elite gundam pilot, Rey Za Burrel is not one to meddle in other people’s affairs. He is a good friend of Shin Asuka, and is very close to Chairman Gilbert Durandal.

In the past, Rau Le Creuset is also shown to be very kind to Rey, making him quite devastated to find out Rau was killed by Kira Yamato. He becomes even more infuriated at Kira for being the only obstacle to Durandal’s “Destiny Plan”.

This photo was actually taken by the same person who took Cagalli’s photo. This is quite a convincing cosplay of Rey. I just hope he doesn’t shoot anyone who is reading this blog.

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Gundam Seed Destiny: Lacus Clyne 02

gundam seed destiny cosplay - lacus clyne 2

In the beginning of the 2nd season, Lacus was living with Kira Yamato at Reverend Malchio’s Orphanage in the Marshall Islands. However, the peaceful days came to an abrupt end when a disaster from the new war forced them to move in with their former comrades, Andrew Waltfeld and Murrue Ramius at their shared mansion in Orb. The Coordinators made an attempt on Lacus’ life, but Kira was able to defeat them with the Freedom.

Cute cosplayer and oh-so-many Haros! I love how she colored her eyebrows pink, those blue eyes are really captivating! Thanks again to Michelle for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to kohta for letting me know the cosplayer is Saya!

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