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Her Universe Teases Us With Cute Boba Fett Dresses

boba fett dress samples hu

I’m going to admit something that is not going to make me popular: I don’t go crazy over Boba Fett. I think he’s fine as a character, but I don’t have passionate feelings about him the way that a whole lot of fans seem to. That said, I can’t deny these new dress designs from Her Universe are ridiculously cute. They’re samples so I’m not sure how soon they will be available to consumers, but man, I can’t wait. These A-line dress designs may be making my wallet sad but they are making me happy.

(via Instagram)

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An AT-AT Invades a Pencil Skirt

AT-AT pencil skirt

AT-ATs would make a good pet, but you have to be responsible and take them outside for walks and play time. Etsy seller Engram Clothing came up with this adorable design and put it on a classic pencil skirt. The art is screen-printed onto cotton so it will be nice and comfortable. Spread the goodwill of the Empire and order one today!

Product Page ($28)

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We Never Truly Realized How Gorgeous Game of Thrones Costumes Are Until Now

cersei bird

I love Game Of Thrones. I’m a huge fan. But, I have a confession.

I had no idea how much went into the costumes. No clue as to the level of detail. I knew they made gorgeous costumes, but it wasn’t until I saw these images of the embroidery done by Michelle Carragher that I’ve really understood just how magnificent they are and how that detailed work brings a richness and beauty to the costumes and the show.

Maybe everyone else knew about how stunning and intricately beautiful her work is, but even if you know, you’ll enjoy seeing these pictures after the break.

And if you’re as clueless as I was? Prepare to have your breath taken away.

cersi 6

cersei dress

cersei lion

cersei lion 2

dany drgonscale

dany embroidery 2

dany embroidery

sansa dragon fly

sansa dress

design 2

You can also check out Michelle Carragher’s website and blog for embroidery tips.

(via Messyness Chic)

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Paris Fashion Meets Venom Symbiote In This Gorgeous Dress

winter dress

This amazing dress is part of Zuhair Murad’s Fall/Winter collection and, aside from the sheer beauty factor, we definitely agree with commenters who said that it looks like venom symbiote is taking over her body.

Actually, his fashion line sort of blew me away. It’s filled with, what feels to me, to be more fantasy inspired styles and designs. I would love to see him design for some of our fave geek ladies.

I’m posting a few of my personal faves after the break along with another shot of the gorgeous dress above.

murad winter

zuhair murad 2

zuhair murad 3

zuhair murad 4

zuhair murad 5

P.S. I have NO idea how these models makes this face. I’d totally be thinking “OMG I LOOK SO PRETTY!” but I’m a dork. ::grin::

(via Imgur)

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Delightful Mary Poppins And Alice In Wonderland Skirts

Most wardrobes could stand to have more playful and fun items, and these new skirt styles from Go Follow Rabbits meet that requirement. She’s got Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland prints available, and as you can see from the photo above, they don’t follow Disney’s interpretations either. I think that makes them more wonderful.

The skirts are made to order, and turnaround time is three weeks.

Check out the Mary Poppins skirt after the break.

Product Pages: Alice in Wonderland ($45.99) and Mary Poppins ($45.99)

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Black Milk Star Wars One Piece Bathing Suits Are Back, And There’s More To Come

Black Milk Clothing made a splash almost two years ago when they released their Artoo bathing suit. It wasn’t exactly official back then, but the swimsuits flew off the shelves and eventually created a Threepio design to go with it. Now – probably partially due to fan response – Black Milk Clothing and Lucasfilm are official partners, and they’ve released wave one of their Star Wars collection.

The first set includes the Artoo and Threepio designs we’ve seen, but there’s also a Han Solo bathing suit and an Artoo dress. A sneak peek of future launches show Han Solo and Chewbacca tights, Yoda and Luke tights, a Darth Vader comic strip bathing suit, an Ewok dress, Yoda bathing suit, Vader bathing suit, Slave Leia bathing suit, and maybe a Manga style comics dress.

I love the designs and patterns, I just wish they weren’t all so form fitting. At least I can wear the leggings!

See photos from the current releases and a video tease for future products after the break.

Product Page ($122 and up)

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Sexy Doctor Who TARDIS Tank Dress

This sexy Doctor Who tunic dress features a full front design of the TARDIS. It’s made of 100% cotton, is machine washable, and will look perfect this Halloween (and all year long).

Product Page ($26.50-$28.50)

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