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[UPDATED!] Expect Those ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs to be Origin Stories – But Whose Origin?


[UPDATED! The Hollywood Reporter is now confirming Disney’s and Lucasfilm’s plans to release one of these spinoff, origin films every other year, alternating with the release of Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Our original story continues below.]

The acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney has brought about the final installment of the Star Wars saga, but wait, there’s more! It also means Disney, being the media powerhouse they are, isn’t only interested in Episode VII, VIII, and IX, but rather an entire new franchise of Star Wars films. We’ve been hearing rumors of Star Wars spinoffs ever since Disney consumed Lucasfilm like a smaller, feeble twin in the womb, but now they’re actually talking about them!

Disney CFO Jay Rasulo has described these spinoff to Variety as “origin story film[s],” and hinted these flicks would reveal how many of the saga’s most famous characters became so famous (or infamous).

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger earlier told CNBC,

Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.

Obviously, we still don’t have any concrete details about what these spinoff, origin stories will be about. Rumors have continued to suggest they’d focus on characters such as Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. All good candidates, in my opinion, for a little more characterization and development. And with the plan still being to release a Star Wars movie every year, beginning with Episode VII in 2015, we’ll likely be hearing more solid news about the spinoffs sooner than later. Stay tuned!

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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Avoiding Digital Film Format

star wars vii

The more I hear about what Disney has planned for the new Star Wars film, the more optimistic I get. In addition to using J.J. Abrams (which I personally think is a great move), they’ve also brought back John Williams and even announced that they’ll be sticking to using as many practical FX as they can instead of relying on digital. The latest news of their commitment to making it old-school? Another resistance of the digital format – the new Star Wars: Episode VII will be shot on actual film.

Yes, it looks like they’ll be relying on Kodak to bring this new tale to the big screen. While most of the industry it turning to digital because of its convenience, Disney appears to be going backwards. This is good news for director Abrams, as he has yet to shoot any film using digital methods. It also may prove good news for the fans, as it will be easier for them to capture a look that is more in line with the originals.

Unfortunately, it also means Abrams will get to use his lens flares. Let’s just hope that there’s someone there to stop him on that one.

Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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