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ATTENTION: The BATMAN FOREVER Batmobile Car Has Been Spotted in Pennsylvania

The Batmobile has been spotted in Pennsylvania…at a TOYS R US in Cheltenham, PA to be exact! A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Michael, just recently saw this BATMAN FOREVER MOVIE Vending Machine Toy Ride-On Batmobile & had to send some pics to us. I like how it looks sort of “cartoony” ( I just invented that word ). Plus, it’s always fun to see one of these things. Now I know a lot of people totally hate this film but I actually kinda like that it is so bad. Now obviously I would have prefered for the film to be good, or even great, but since it’s not we might as well accept it. “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, my Grandmother used to say. I wanna thank Michael for taking the pictures for us, I really appreciate that, it’s a very cool car!

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VIDEO CLIP – 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Soundtrack – TV Commercial

This is sort of painful to see but it is a part of bat-history so here we go! This is the Original TV Commercial for the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Soundtrack as found on the VHS film release ( the music is kinda neat to hear again ). Also, in this video clip, you get you see Val Kilmer as Batman, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, Jim Carrey as The Riddler ( Carrey was actually pretty decent as that character ) & Chris O’Donnell as Robin.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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