OK, You can label this post as a major FAIL, maybe. The other night I woke up at like 3:00 in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep and was totally bored. So, I thought I’d go hit the local 24-hour Walmart and see if I could find some new Batman Merchandise to report on. Yeah, I’m being productive, right? Well, I got there and started finding stuff like crazy. Then I started to take photos and after a few pics my batteries in the Digital Camera went dead. Aaarrgghh, what a Loser!! I just didn’t think about it. But I did manage to get quite a few pics anyway so I went home, ha!

The 1st photo are some cool Batman Tank Tops I found in the Little Kids area. The graphics are from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which I thought was kinda weird.

Then, speaking of weird. While walking through the Men’s area I spotted these Batman Boxers and Briefs ( Hey, just a little something something for the Ladies ). I was kind of excited about finding some new merch but I’ll admit I also felt kinda freaky taking this photo. I hope some Wal-Mart Shopper or Employee didn’t see me and think I was a total perv, ha ha!

Next, I hit the Toy Area. I knew I was gonna find some neat stuff there and I did. Here are those BATMAN Apptivity Figures we mentioned here at the BAT-BLOG awhile back. They’re shown here in their original packaging and I gotta admit they’re way more neat than I thought they would be. Basically these things go along with your Apple iPad to play games, looks fun!
OK next time I promise to take an extra set of batteries with me. In the mean time, if YOU spot any cool BRAND-NEW Batman Products then please let us know.

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