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Become An Aperture Test Subject With This Costume Tee

portal 2 test subject tee

Join the rank and file testing subjects at Aperture Laboratories without suffering! All you have to do is buy this bright orange test subject t-shirt from ThinkGeek. The officially licensed Portal 2 tee is more comfortable than putting on an entire jumpsuit plus you won’t look like you just escaped from prison. Pair it with a Portal Gun for a fast and easy costume.

Product Page ($24.99)

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New BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game T-Shirts!!

You’re either playing the game or you want the game! Yeah, I’m talking about the new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game! The official launch & release of the game was yesterday & many people are saying it will be THE GAME OF THE YEAR! Sadly, I have not got to play it yet but seriously plan too. I mean, all the reviews have been very excellent…I’m pretty happy about that! While searching for alternative products in this franchise I came across these 2 extremely cool T-Shirts. One features Batman, as seen on the video game’s box cover. The other T-Shirt has a JOKER graphic where the Joker ( voiced by Mark Hamill ) looks totally crazy! If you would like to know where to buy them I have added a link button down below. While there be sure to check out some of the other Batman T-Shirts they have because there’s some other great ones too!

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OK, every now & then I get people asking me, “How long have you been a total Batman Fanatic?” Well, I guess the answer would be “over 40 years”. I mean, I am 45 & have been a HUGE Bat-Fan since the age of 2! Every holiday, when the whole family gets together, they always make fun at how I was totally crazy about Batman as a little kid. My Aunt loves to tell the story about how my Nanny ( her Mother ) made me a Custom Batman Cape & I used to totally live in it, ha ha! Yeah, the story gets kinda old but it’s always nice to hear. Now, regular Bat-Blog Readers might have read about when my Grandmother died recently. It took my Aunt a long time to get the courage to “deal with the house”. Mainly because it was so haunting to go in there & be totally reminded of her. I can completely understand & respect that. It must have been really difficult. Well, she finally got around to going through her things & I told her that Nanny had a photo of me wearing a Batman T-Shirt and, if I could, I would really like to have it. It was an old black & white photo that hung on her bedroom wall, like forever. Well, she said it wasn’t there anymore ( she’s still trying to find it ). But, while going through a drawer she found this one still in the original metal frame. It’s a color photo & I have NEVER seen it before. I really laughed when I saw it. Plus, if you look closely, I’m wearing a bootleg “Batman & Robin” T-Shirt. Now, how cool is that!? I’m also wearing my Grandfather’s military hat he wore during WWII. I loved it & used to wear it all the time.

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Funny Funny Funny BATMAN Humor Photos!

OK, Many Bat-Blog Readers send us great photos all the time & I totally appreciate that. I mean, I’ve always said that if the Bat-Blog is any good at all then it’s because of that reason. Here are some great examples: The 1st pic is a recent submission of a “found photo”. The guy who sent it said he can’t remember the site he found it on but he thought it was pretty funny & knew we would like it. It’s a Batman T-Shirt that is a parody of the Apple iPod Advertising. It shows the Dark Knight listening to music on his iPod & it’s attached to his bat-belt…hilarious! The next pic was found by our good friend Bob. It’s an actual tourist photo of a “Cambodian Batman Taxi”. It’s a large Bicycle-Cart that is pulled by a Moped Motorcycle. I think they call these things TUK-TUK. There is actually an entire sub-culture revolving around these very unique vehicles. Do a Web-Search sometime & you’ll see a ton of great pics. This one, of the “Batmobile Tuk-Tuk” is extremely inventive & it really looks like it would be pretty fun to zoom around town in. If I were on vacation in Cambodia I would totally go for it! The last photo was e-mailed to me the other night & when I opened it I completely cracked-up, ha ha! It’s Batman showing the Joker some of his favorite movies he has appeared in & the Joker has a correct response! Well, hopefully you got a good laugh! Now remember, if YOU come across any Silly Batman Material then please share it with us ( unless it’s something you created yourself, please let us know “where” you got it ). Our email button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

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The Ultimate Whovian T-Shirt For Only $10 [Deals]

whovian t-shirt

Doctor Who is full of symbols and inside jokes. There’s everything from the obvious such as a sonic screwdriver to the subtle like a banana. This Whovian t-shirt features many of the more recognizable icons from the series and condenses them into one design. The crazy part is that it doesn’t look like a mess! How many of the symbols can you identify?

The shirt’s marked down from $14.99 so grab it while it’s on sale!

Product Page ($10)

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Her Universe Announces New Apparel From The Walking Dead

her universe walking dead 6

Her Universe’s reach into apparel made just for ladies is expanding! They’ve recently sealed a licensing deal with AMC to make The Walking Dead merchandise. All the zombie clothing can be yours! The fun designs (the sweatshirt pictured above is my favorite – so clever) will be available at San Diego Comic-Con and at select retail outlets. Tops and a cute dress kick off the line, but leggings will be added soon.

See the rest of the line after the break.

her universe walking dead 1

her universe walking dead 2

her universe walking dead 3

her universe walking dead 4

her universe walking dead 5

(via Her Universe)

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Photos – RARE Vintage 1960’s BATMAN Merchandise

As a Batman Toy Collector I always like to see super-rare items that are out there. It sort of gives me a goal to look for these things. Especially if I never knew they existed before. Here’s a few examples: This 1st photo shows a Batman “Character Sponge” still in it’s original package. Now, this item is so extremely RARE that I will probably NEVER find it, in any condition! I totally love the vintage graphics. The next 2 photos are of a 1966 Batman T-Shirt. This is one you don’t see a lot of. In fact, I kind of wonder if it’s an actual licensed product or not. But either way it’s pretty cool. The last item sort of cracks me up! It’s a Batman Bath Mitt. It’s sort of a hand puppet shaped terry-cloth towel sort of thing. I bet they also made one of Robin but I have never seen it. Items like this usually got used-up pretty good & that’s one reason you never see them today.

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Cool Photo of The Super-Extreme BATMAN FAN!

The Bat-Blog recently made a new friend named Salvatore. He lives in Belgium, which is pretty cool, & he’s a super-major Batman Fan! What, you don’t believe me? Well, check out this photo and then you’ll agree. Here he is sporting his brand-new Batman Baseball Cap/Hat, Batman T-Shirt, Batman Tote-Bag, AND Batman Belt Buckle!! OK, now do you believe me? I thought this pic was kinda funny in a very clever way, I mean, he’s so serious! I wanna thank Salvatore for allowing me to post this photo, BATMAN ROCKS!!

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Sarah Silverman Loves Batman!

Here’s an old photo showing the Comedian Sarah Silverman sporting a Vintage 1980’s BATMAN T-Shirt!

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