Gary’s THE SCARECROW Halloween Costume ( The Dark Knight Batman Movie )

“YOU WILL KNOW FEAR!” The Bat-Blog has a friend over at MySpace who created a Halloween Costume of The SCARECROW that is pretty amazing! I think it’s meant to be the Batman comic book version but it also looks a lot like the character in The Dark Knight movie too. Either way, it’s pretty GREAT! Now, he wore this last year but recently he upgraded the robe & added a few accessories. My favorite part of the whole thing, of course, is the cool mask he made. It looks really scary!! Thanks Gary for sharing your pics. People are gonna really love it. Hey Readers! Are you getting dressed-up as a Batman character this year or have you been one in the past? Well, if so, then please send us a photo.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Zatanna & The Dark Knight!!

YES! The Bat-Blog just received a photo from our good friends Dallas & his wife. It shows what their Halloween costumes are going to be this year. She is Zatanna, The Magician & he will be Batman ( The Dark Knight movie version )!! The costumes here really look incredible! Thank you Dallas. Everybody please be sure to click on the photo for a larger, more sharp, version. Now Readers, you might remember this couple from last year when he was a different version of Batman ( Modern Comic Book ) & she was Catwoman ( the Jim Balent “Purple Cat-Suit” version ). Their costumes were great then & great now! I’m sure they will be a SMASH HIT at any party they go to!! We love to get photos like this at the Bat-Blog so if you have some of you in costume now, or some from the past, then please send them in. Our e-mail button is always at the top right-hand side of this blog!

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Vintage 70’s Photo: Kids Dressed-Up as 1966 Batman, Robin, & The Penguin!

This photo cracks me up every time I see it, ha ha! Plus, the costumes are very impressive. This photo from a Color Slide was sent in by a friend named Ralph & it’s a picture of some Batman-related Costumes his Mother made for Ralph when he was a little kid in 1974 or 1975. The details are insane & of course it’s the 1966 TV Show version of the characters. He said that they used to wear these costumes & make small plays with them. Plus, while doing so, they would photograph each different sequence. Then later, when they projected the slides on the wall ( in correct order ) they sort-of had a Batman movie! Wow! This is really creative & must have been a lot of fun too! I also gotta say that Ralph’s Mom did an incredible job on these costumes…they’re really great! Thanks Ralph for sharing your story & this fun vintage family photo. If any other Bat-Blog Fans have similar experiences then please send us some pics!

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Cool BATMAN FANS Have The Best Halloween Costumes!

Long time BAT-BLOG Fans all know our Good Buddy DESMOND. This cool little kid is a HUGE Batman Fan! Well, we have two wonderful things to report: Desmond now has a Little Brother, named John, and for Halloween this year they are both gonna be the DARK KNIGHT!! Check out these fun pics! Desmond is showing off his huge muscles in his BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Costume. Then, John is shown wearing his super-cute Bat-Suit! I know they’re gonna have a great time & get ton’s of candy! Plus, I wanna wish them, and all Bat-Blog Readers, a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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