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Will Brandon T. Jackson Fall For CBS’ Banana Up The Tail Pipe Trick?

CBS has set it’s sights on casting character actor Brandon T. Jackson in the lead role of their television Beverly Hills Cop adaptation. You’ve seen Jackson in films including Tropic Thunder, Lottery Ticket, Fast & Furious Percy Jackson; Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son and others.

The show would focus on Axel Foley’s (Eddie Murphy) son Aaron (Brandon Jackson) with Murphy making guest appearances. Aaron’s beat would be in Beverly Hills where he would us a mixture of comedy and action to take down the criminal elements threatening the rich and famous while trying to live up to or perhaps live down his father’s reputation.

The truly interesting part of this production is participation of the creator of The Shield, Shawn Ryan, who is the creative force behind the scenes. As a huge fan of The Shield I’m very interested to see how Ryan translates his tough, violent style of police drama to a franchise that is known for its mix of action and comedy, with comedy taking a lead role. I don’t remember laughing too many times when watching The Shield, just a lot of grimacing and “Oh Shit” moments.

I do like this casting choice, he was really good in Tropic Thunder. What do you think about this casting choice and the show in general?

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