James Kochalka Rips On The Legion In New Web Animated Series

James Kochalka is mostly notable for his autobiographical comics like American Elf and his whimsical stuff like Peanut Butter and Jeremy and Robot Vs. Monkey.

He is less well known for the four-issue series Superf***ers, but the team behind Adventure Time turned it into an animated show anyway. And it’s great.

Essentially, Kochalka asks what teenagers in the future would be like if you really did give them incredible powers and all the slack generally given to superheroes. The answer is, less than shockingly, that they’re incredibly awful people; spoiled brats, voyeurs, and sexist d-bags abound. The overall effect is not unlike what would happen if The League‘s writing staff were, for some unknown and terrifying reason, unleashed on the DCU.

But why tell you when you can see for yourself? This is not work-safe, if the fact that it’s a show called Superf***ers didn’t give that away.

Somehow, we always imagined Proty was that disgusting. Also, “The Sweet Mystery of Bitches” is probably the best slow jam of the last five years.

The series will be running weekly, with new episodes every Friday on its official YouTube channel. But really, what we need is a full-on animated movie. Come on, Cartoon Hangover. Let’s get this done.

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