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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES… To The Ronald McDonald House!

Here’s a very funny photo sent in to us by a Good Bat-Blog Citizen named Kevin. He was recently at a charity event held at the Ronald McDonald House ( a totally GREAT Children’s Charity by the way ) and took this photo of BATMAN, The Dark Knight, chilling out with Ronald… ha ha! Thanks Kevin, You ROCK, Sir! In fact, I hope this picture inspires a few people to actually make a donation. This organization is completely wonderful & really helps children. So, if you can, please click here: DONATE!

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Practically every superhero legend is the story of an ordinary person who finds a power that either he/she didn’t know they had. An ordinary guy named Lenny B. Robinson learned if he dawns his cape and climbs into his Batmobile he can change the lives of sick children.

In March 2012 the cyberworld was introduced to Lenny B. Robinson, a Baltimore Maryland based business man who was pulled over by police dressed up as Batman –Batmobile and all — in Silver Spring, Md. He was pulled over for a problem with his plates. This wouldn’t ordinarily make international news, but the car was his black Lamborghini, the license plate was the Batman symbol, and the driver was dressed head-to-toe in a full Batman costume. When videos of this masked Batman went viral, the Caped Crusader’s true intentions came to light for the world to see. It turns out Robinson is a real life hero.

Robinson, 48, has been visiting sick children in hospitals in the Baltimore area monthly since 2001, and has now ventured out nationally, and soon internationally, to bring his superhero to thousands of sick children in hospitals around the globe. He also visits schools to talk about bullying, but he does not do birthday parties. Trading in his Lamborghini for a custom-made Batmobile, that debuting in Coeur d’Alene Idaho on the 4th of July 2012, Lenny traveled around the country in July 2012 giving out Batman toys and goodies to hundreds of kids in children’s hospitals along the route.

To read more about Lenny’s further adventures please be sure to visit his website. Also, while you’re there, please be sure to make a donation. Thanks.

Here’s the link, just click here: SUPERHEROES FOR KIDS

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