If You Plan To Cosplay As Malcolm Reynolds, You’ll Need One Of These Pistols [Review]

Have any idea what costume you’ll wear for Halloween or to your next convention? If you’ve ever thought about dressing up as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, you are definitely going to need one of these metal-plated pistol replicas from QMx.

Truth be told, I’m more physically suited for Jayne cosplay, but I’ve lusted after this pistol replica ever since it first came out, and the folks at QMx were kind enough to send us a sample. Check out our quick review after the break along with additional pics.


    • The replica was created using the mold from the screen-used pistol, so it’s highly accurate
    • It was cast in polystone and metal plated so there’s a good heft (weighs slightly over a pound).
    • The details are hand-painted and look good up close
    • It only costs $79.95, which is a fraction of what you might pay for a more elaborate replica.


  • The pistol is a non-firing replica, so the trigger is fixed. This is highly unsatisfying.
  • Since it’s a hand-painted item, it probably won’t age gracefully under heavy cosplay use.

Verdict: Shiny. If you are a Firefly fan looking for an awesomely nerdy desk accessory, this pistol is ideal (it even comes with a display stand). It’s also going to be a fantastic cosplay accessory that looks great and won’t completely break the bank. Just don’t try to be all badass and twirl it on your finger only to repeatedly drop it.

Malcolm Reynolds Metal-Plated Pistol Replica-$79.95

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