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They better stock it in New Zealand


Tastes like…. Victory

The dingo lovers across the ditch have scored a new drink, the Purple Plasma from V. It’s got the Master Chief on it so it must be an awesome, tasty beverage. I hope it get’s stocked on NZ shelves!

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What is the Conspiracy Accountability League?

Conspiracy Accountability League

Oh, you have never heard of the Conspiracy Accountability League? Where have you been? Stuck on Ilos? Check out the league’s interesting website.Their latest conspiracy theory is about some kind of alien life form known as ‘Leviathan’. Sounds like they are as cuckoo as Mel Gibson.

In other non related news, there’s some new DLC for Mass Effect 3 on offer today via XBL.

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Halo 4 Plot Points leaked deliberately by 343 Industries?

Were the Halo 4 Plot points leaked deliberately by 343 Industries?

Did you watch the A Hero Awakens video yet? Did you spy the page of writing? A keen eyed Halo fan did and zoomed it up for all to see. Turns about it was some plot points of Halo 4. This was surely no accident as Frankie will have well learnt from his days at Bungie to put tit-bits and clues in promotional trailers.

Here’s a summary of some of the plot points that were revealed. Spoiler alert!

  • When Master Chief awakes, the Forward Unto Dawn is boarded by a bunch of Covenant – they are looking for something, not the Chief.
  • The Covenant, a particularly religious remnant led by the Elites, have come in search of Requiem to find and look for a Forerunner weapon cache.
  • The Covenant also believe Requiem to be the place where a living god is being kept – they wish to find and wake him up to enlist his aid in fighting humanity.
  • Main antagonist is called Didact, an ancient Forerunner. He is the being the religious Covenant believe to be a living god.
  • Dr Halsey, who made a cameo in Reach, makes an appearance as the Chief wants her help to find a solution to Cortana’s “problem”
  • Cortana is able to project multiple versions of herself at once – multiple Cortanas
  • A climatic battle involving the Chief, Didact and Cortana takes place
  • A character has, or appears to have, telekinesis

Interesting how so much was gleaned from a page or two of writing wasn’t it? To be fair, the page of text looks like it has annotations on it, so it’s a draft and most likely not the final works. It does fit in with what we already know about Halo via the games and novels.


Said pages from the promotional video

For those not up with the play, Cortana’s problem is her impending rampancy. The Didact is the dude who featured in the Forerunner novel, Cryptum and Requiem is the planet on which Halo 4 is mostly set. Dr Halsey is what I call the ‘mad doctor’ who started the whole Spartan programme and is basically the Master Chief’s mother.
Interesting times ahead for the Chief and Cortana eh?

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Of Forerunnners, Terminals, Halo and Bornstellars


Of Forerunnners, Terminals, Halo and Bornstellars

The Forward Unto Dawn has done an Ascendant Justice for us (man, I miss that blog!) and given us chapter and verse on the Forerunner Saga as written by Greg Bear, how those novels tie in with the Terminals found in the Halo series and more generally the wider Halo canon. Canon, if you didn’t know is the official word on how things are in the Universe. It’s something to with the Pope and canon law….

Either way, here’s the first few paragraphs to get you hooked else you can just dive into the whole thing.

“In fleshing out the story of the Forerunners, only hazily outlined in previous Halo media, a picture far different than what many fans expected emerged. The Forerunners were guardians of the galaxy, true-but they also harbored a hubristic streak from millennia of uncontested control of the Milky Way. Cryptum and Primordium also “humanized” the Forerunners beyond a homogenous group-there were heroes, demons, and ordinary citizens who wanted to avoid trouble. These Forerunners lived, worked, and (very occasionally) died. Families had conflicts, and society was imperfect.

And then came upstarts-humanity, and their allies the San ‘Shyuum. The Forerunners found the aliens, who encroached upon their territory, to be stubborn adversaries. Though the Forerunner beat them back, it took 50 years for the last bastion to fall. It was only after the fall of humanity-with the San Shyuum quarantined and humanity stripped of its technology and exiled to their home planet-that the Forerunner learned why the humans had fled into their territory. At the same time they were fighting the Forerunners, the humans had narrowly defeated a far more dangerous foe-the Flood.

The Forerunners were nothing if not thorough. They realized the threat that the Flood caused and began devising possible defenses. They believed their defeated human enemies might have answers, but bitter in defeat, even the dead impressions refused to yield their secrets. Eventually, the Flood did return, and after decades of warfare and exhausting every other option, the Forerunners activated the Halo Array. Every sentient being in range of the rings was eradicated to deprive the Flood of sustenance and stem its assault on the Ark, from which indexed life was reseeded across the galaxy. The Forerunners disappeared-whether any of them survived via the use of Shield Installations remains unclear, although fans may be tantalizingly close to the truth come November 6 and the release of Halo 4.”

Forerunner structures found on Requiem

Forward Unto Dawn has also done a very handy and concise set of bullet points regard the plot of Halo Cryptum and Primordium:

  • Forerunners learn of the Flood after defeating humans
  • Forerunners attempt to learn cure for the Flood from humans
  • Didact proposes Shield Worlds, Faber proposes Fortress rings; Didact loses and goes into exile in a Cryptum
  • Librarian’s Conservation Measure accepted by the Council
  • Halo test fired by Mendicant Bias
  • Bias interrogates the Prisoner, goes rampant
  • Didact awakened by Bornstellar
  • Didact captured by Faber, Faber brought to trial
  • Bias attacks capitol; several of the Halo rings destroyed; fate of the capitol unknown
  • Rings flee to Ark
  • Bornstellar Didact captures Mendicant Bias and Installation 07
  • Primordial killed
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Sweet sketch of the master Chief

Sweet sketch of the master Cheif

Here’s a the start of a sweet sketch / colouring of the Master Chief which is reminiscent of the Halo 2 era by Redditor kirstyglanville. I think it’s pretty sweet, you can check out the full work here.

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How does the A.I. intelligence work for Halo 4?

Pwned Brute

Fans of the Halo series may remember how the Brutes suddenly got really smart in Halo 3 as a result of a wonderfully improved AI software coding deploy – what does Halo 4’s enemies have to offer in the way of artificial intelligence?
Digital Spy did an interview with Frankie from the 343 Studio which canvases the issue. Frankie must have done a million interviews for Halo by now and he’s seriously a measured pro at talking to the press.
Question: How did you approach enemy intelligence? Because obviously Halo is known for these different enemies and you’ve got these whole new different sort of threat.

The Crawler

“There’s a lot of similarities, but I think the biggest philosophical difference is that the Covenant – if you look at it from 10,000 feet – are very tactical and very aggressive, they will attack you. They do clever things and they’ll flank you, and their levels of aggression change depending on the scenario, but we wanted to make this villain, the Prometheans, feel smarter and feel clever and feel more sophisticated even than you as a player.

“You [are] going into this with some sensibility and a going on of how the games universe works, but we wanted to make them feel clever and… like they could outsmart and overwhelm you. So they’re very strategic and in some ways they’re quite defensive; if you go to the level you’re playing, there’s some spots where you can go and stand and watch them fighting the Covenant. Because you’re watching them do that in third person mode, you can see how careful and diligent the various components that Promethean battles are.

“So you’ll, for example, see a Knight open his carapus and spawn a Watcher, and the Watcher will fly up and basically summons our crawlers to fight these Elites, and the Crawlers will try and overwhelm the Elites, and if the Elites have some success the Watchers will start shielding the Crawlers. While the Watchers are shielding the Crawlers and the Elites are being distracted by that, the Knights are flanking them.”
“So you can actually watch the combat play out in a completely unscripted, organic and emergent way and constantly be surprised by it. Of course, sometimes that is happening to you, you can’t always sit back and observe and it’s only really on [the third mission] where you get that opportunity to watch how they fight, otherwise you’re fighting them and this whole thing changes.

“When I play it, I’m never quite sure how I should be approaching these encounters. Should I take out the Watchers first so they’re not continuously shielding the Crawlers? Or should I try and get the Crawlers first because they’re harrowing me while I’m trying to concentrate on taking out some target?

“So they just feel smart and they feel sophisticated, rather than sort of ruthlessly aggressive all the time… and of course they team up against you – the Covenant and the Prometheans will actually finally team up against you – and that creates another complicated matrix of behaviours and systems.

“Once you get the muscle memory down, these encounters become second nature, but Halo doesn’t…it’s not one of those games that tries to fight you, or you get stuck in a corridor with a thousand bad guys coming at you. It wants you to succeed, but it wants you to be clever about how you do it.

“That’s the pacing and that’s how the AI kind of lures you in a combat situation that you will eventually excel on, but you should be challenged first instance.”

Sounds like Frankie and the crew have put some real thought into the interactions players can have with the Prometheans, which is fabulous news.

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2013 Nihongo Fiesta

2013 Nihongo Fiesta

The Japan Foundation Manila is inviting all enthusiasts of Japanese language, traditional arts, and pop culture to have a rocking good time at the 2013 Nihongo Fiesta!

This year, the fiesta presents three events that will fire up everyone: the 40th Nihongo Speech Contest, the 5th Quiz Bee for High School Students, and the much awaited return concert of Uchuu Sentai NOIZ. The free concert will be held on 23 February 2013 (Saturday), 7:00 PM at the SM City North EDSA Skydome.

Uchuu Sentai NOIZ first formed in 1999 and is composed of Angel Taka, Masato, Kyo, Kotaro and Yamato. They are known for their energetic music, wild cosplay-like outfits and live shows full of energy and onstage antics. They first performed in Manila and Davao in 2012, and due to popular demand they are returning to the Philippines in February 2013!

Admission is absolutely free! For more information, please visit the JFM website at

The 2013 Nihongo Fiesta is made possible with the support of the SM City North EDSA, the Embassy of Japan, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines, Inc. (JCCIPI), The Japanese Association Manila (JAMI), Japan Overseas Enterprises Association (JOEA), Association of Filipino Nihongo Teachers (AFINITE), Animax, Japan Airlines, UNIQLO, and Canon Marketing.

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Unicorn Satyr Cosplay by Kitten In Strings Jena

Red Zebra Photgraphy took these awesome pictures of cosplayer and model Kitten In Strings Jena and her Unicorn Satyr cosplay at Templecon 2013!

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Warner Bros. May Have Thrown Out Its ‘Justice League’ Script Due To General Terribleness

Marvel Studios made doing a superhero team-up movie seem easy, but as Warner Bros. is finding out, it really, really isn’t.

We’ve already heard Warners is starting to get cold feet and are waiting on the success Man of Steel before moving ahead, and now there’s word they’ve thrown out their current Justice League script because, well, it’s really bad. Reportedly the trashed script featured Darkseid as the big bad guy and was a bit of a shambles due to superheroes being inserted and removed from it constantly (sexy). Oh, and it was written by Will Beall, the guy behind Gangster Squad (32% on RottenTomatoes).

What’s that I hear? Is it the sound of a money dump truck backing up to Christopher Nolan’s front door?

via Badass Digest

The post Warner Bros. May Have Thrown Out Its ‘Justice League’ Script Due To General Terribleness appeared first on UPROXX.

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One Piece UT on Sale!

One Piece UT on Sale!

One Piece x UT (Uniqlo Tee) shirts are on sale this weekend (or until further notice) for just PhP 490! Regular retail prices for UTs are pegged at PhP 790 so grab this chance now!

One Piece tees are available from Uniqlo Mall of Asia and Uniqlo SM North EDSA The Block.

Uniqlo is Japan’s top clothing chain, with stores in China, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Uniqlo is famous among anime fans for their graphic t-shirts, produced in collaboration with major anime series such as: Gundam, Evangelion, One Piece, Monster Hunter, and Naruto. There also lines produced for Mickey Mouse, Barbie, and Harry Potter.

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