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Here’s why there’s no Female Sheppard Marketing for ME3

Commander Sheppard: Female

Game Informer has the inside running with Bioware in the lead up to the release of what is going to the year’s Best Game (sorrry GOW3, I still love you long time!) Mass Effect 3

– so they got the chance to briefly interview Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka – the two founders of Bioware and asked them some questions about a few games – I thought this question about ME3 was most interesting:
For both Mass Effect and Dragon Age

, the marketing has focused on male protagonists. Since players can create both male and female characters, why isn’t the female side represented?Muzyka: That’s a great question. One of the things we really embrace in our games is diversity and enabling people to take on different roles so, obviously, we have strong female leads. We have amazing voice acting talent for both the male and the female roles.
That said, for the marketing face we have to make a choice. And it’s a tough choice to pick an iconic face — the face of the brand. You have to pick an iconic representation for the brand and it comes down to the marketing team’s intuition. It’s not easy because we know a lot of the fans enjoy playing the female lead so we always make sure it’s just as high quality as the male lead for the main characters in our games.

So it comes down to a marketing strategy which kind of makes sense – it might suddenly confuse consumers if Commnader Sheppard is suddenly a female – and it could possibly put buyers off if they thought there was a ‘new’ ME3 main character. I think all the confusion that happened re Master Chief and Noble 6 is a case in point. Either way I’m looking forward to play my male ‘Aubrey’ Sheppard as a paragon and my ‘Bella’ Sheppard as a right royal bitch!

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Battlefield 3 Game Play Video

Battlefield 3

is coming like a runaway juggernaught and here’s a small youtube based taste – 12 minutes of action – the cut scenes look pretty sharp, good graphics, distinct sound and has a real sense of ‘being on the ground’. Compare and contrast this with the original trailer if you like!

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Blizzard is Bungie’s next step for world domination

Bungie’s favourite son Marty O’Donnell had something interesting to say about the software developer’s place in the gaming industry and where they want to be:

“Bungie is around exactly the same time Blizzard was. We’ve been friends with a lot of those Blizzards guys for years and we have a lot of respect for them, and I don’t think about individual rock stars in Blizzard as much as I think about Blizzard. If it’s a Blizzard game it’s going to be amazing. And we hope the same thing happens for Bungie,” he added.

Pretty big shoes for Bungie to step into but they did make the juggernaut franchise of Halo (with a lot of help from Microsoft) so they are probably capable of taking over the world:

“We were fortunate enough to keep Bungie’s name up front while we were making Halo. But certainly the Halo fan is a bigger set and the Bungie fan is probably a smaller subset of that. I think we have a pretty good Bungie awareness out there but we certainly would like to pull everyone who’s a fan of games with us and expand with that,”

Well Marty, Gears of Halo is just hanging out waiting for Bungie to announce THE NEXT BIG THING. Could it have something to do with the last thing Bungie has Trade Marked, that being the phrase Path of Darkness? This goes along side Bungie Aeropace, Seven Seraphs and Dead Orbit.

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Poison Ivy Costume Cosplay Pictures

Here’s some cos play pictures of Poison Ivy – she being the she devil that has done her best to torment Batman throughout the years. Remember the Batman and Robin film? Ivy was in that and got smashed by Batgirl, but lets face it, only cosplayers seem able to do the character justice. Here’s the photographic evidence:

Cat, Bat and Ivy

Wistful Ivy?

Mrs Poison Ivy

Welcome to the Jungle Poison Ivy (Meagan Marie is the cosplayer)

Bottom: stoned cosplay Poison Ivy

Girl Next Door Ivy

Want more super hero action? Check out Power Girl Cosplay

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Lego Master Chief

Here’s a sweet as cheese Master Chief made of Lego…. check out the story of how this spartan came into being here. Seems like lego and the Chief is all the rage….

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What’s wrong with picture Stephen?

So for some strange reason apparently Bungie thought it might be wise to promote Halo using Stephen Colbert … may be it’s me not knowing much about America but I would have thought this was a target market mismatch…. either way, it didn’t happen. Either way, the internetz appeared to be talking about it so Bungie did this mock up of Mr Colbert as a spartan.

Personally I think the joke’s too high brow for most 13 year olds…

In other news I found this awesome picture at Cruel Legacy

It’s of BS Angel if you didn’t know…..

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Soulcalibur V announced with teaser trailer

Set 17 years after the last game in the series, Soulcalibur V has been announced with a teaser trailer.
SC will be a generational shift for the series. Siegfried is 39 years old and no longer wields the eponymous Soul Calibur sword. The lineage of power has instead passed to Sophitia’s son Patroklos. Patroklos is largely featured in the trailer so it’s fair to assume he’ll be the main protagonist of V.


Sounds like more details will be revealed at E3. Let’s hope Soul Calibur V will inspire more great cosplay like Ivy Valentine!

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Is this the Modern Warfare 3 Logo?

Is this the Modern Warfare 3 Logo? That’s what the internets are all a twitter about. We’ll find out soon when the game is more formally revealed.

And what about this next one. It’s elite….

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This is Louis Wu

Louis Wu*

This is Louis Wu. He’s what I would call a bloody good chap. He runs the 2nd best halo site in the universe** HBO. He’s a bloody good chap because he gets Halo. He appears to live it and to breathe it. He is insightful and has his finger on the pulse. And he kindly links out to Gears of Halo every so often:

A Noble Hunt / Are You a Halo Fan or A HALO fan? / Halo Concept Art.

Anyways, enough self promotion – this week Mr Wu hosted a Lan Party – such is his street cred, even some of the boys from Bungie turned up – Urk wrote up how awesome it was to take part in the LAN party in the Bungie Weekly Update (which has by definition not updated us on ANYTHING SINCE REACH CAME OUT).

As I write, I actually just remembered why I started writing this post of homage to Mr Wu – I found this awesome Halo website Age of Gratitude which has Blue Ninja praising HBO and he reference LAN parties… and then there was Wu’s Write Up I saw on HBO that there was a lan party…. and well … yes I’m a mess … I found (on HBO) these other write ups of the Lan Party – hellmitre, Nof chimes in with some reminiscing too. Mig mentions stuff. Check out the four different picture galleries here. Worst. Paragraph.Structure.Ever.

If you are reading this page chances are you are nearly half as big a Halo fan as Louis Wu and GrimBrother One are – so why don’t you submit your Halo story to Age of Gratitude? I’m going to asap!

I note Louis is wearing one of those awesome Bungie Destiny T-shirts that caused such a such a stir last week. I bet Urk updated Wu and co on what’s going on with Destiny too. Lucky Bastards!`

This is what makes gaming awesome. This is what makes gaming a legit past time. This is what our wives will never understand…..

* Not his real name
** That’s right, I said it.

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Gears of War 3 Trailer: Let’s Finish It

WoW! The Gears of War 3 Official Campaign Trailer has been released and it would appear the self induced hype should be believed. The campaign looks beautiful. Set to Black Sabbath’s classic track War Pigs

, the trailer starts with Marcus and company receiving a radio message from Adam Fenix seeking help from his estranged son Marcus.

Cue a rumble in the jungle with lambent beasts, angry Brumack, giant Bezerkers, a hungry giant fish (similiar to the Levithan from Gears 2

) and guns. Lots of guns.

Gears of 3 is sure to be a winner if this trailer is a true represenation of some of the in game play.

I liked the end of the trailer where Marcus quips, “Let’s finish this” which was slightly reminiscent of Halo 3’s Finish the Fight campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of Gears 3 from Amazon


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