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Big Ones of 2013: Bioshock Infinite

Like every year in the world of gaming, with a new year come’s new highly anticipated Games. And the year 2013 has some heavy hitters. This year we will see a lot of amazing games coming out months apart.

Bioshock Infinite. The highly anticipated game from the 2007 Game of the year Bioshock, and from the genius minds of Irrational Games. This game time setting place in 1912, and in this game you play Booker Dewitt, a former agent of the Pinkerton Government Services, that fell into a life of gambling, & drinking. A Mysterious figure hires booker to rescue Elizabeth, a girl held captive in Colombia; in return all of Booker’s debt would be wiped clean. However little did he know that this job would take him to the Floating city in the sky Columbia, and that is just the start of his problems. Elizabeth has powers, powers that can alter the fabric of space and time. Which leads to a war in control for the floating city, with you & Elizabeth caught right in the middle. Now it becomes a race for your own survival.

The game features some familiar mechanics of previous Bioshock Games, however they have been revamped. The setting is amazing; Columbia is literally a Floating Paradise. Blimps, Buildings, and lush gardens occupy the city. Also you shall meet enemy types that may amaze you come in the form of the Heavy Hitters. These Enemy types will give you a run for your money, such as fighting the Motorized Patriots, robotic versions of our founding Fathers who will hunt you down, and use a high powered Gatling gun. The Boys of Silence are literal walking security alarms, they will alert all nearby enemies, however they can be avoided. The Handymen which are giant Monsters who use their gigantic hands, and brutish strength to hurl the scenery at you. And probably the biggest challenge you will face… The Songbird.

This 30 foot Mechanical bird like creature is Elizabeth’s guardian so to speak, and is responsible to keep her locked up, however when you free her this savage creature goes on the hunt to kill you, and reclaim Elizabeth. You will use a large variety of weapons to help aid you in your mission to rescue Elizabeth, however, in true Bioshock fashion, you will also use Plasmids. Plasmids are basically superpowers granted to you which vary in use. Such as Fire, Electricity, Telepathy, and summoning a flock of crows to attack your enemies. Not to mention getting around Columbia is even better due to the series of Skylines throughout the city. By using the Skyhook, you travel the city in an exciting fashion. This game has potential to be the biggest game of 2013, and you can get your hands on it March 26th.

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