San Diego Comic Con

More BATMAN Bat-Mania Madness at 2012 San Diego Comic Con!

Check out these incredible pics shared with us by our good friend Chip. He went to the recent 2012 San Diego Comic Con & got these great batman-related photos!!
First up is a HUGE Promo Banner near the DC Comics Booth that features BATMAN AND ROBIN with artwork by Frank Quitely, beautiful!
Then, speaking of Advertising Banners, here’s another one for a new Batman Video Game future-release.The next photo is a Batman Japanese Shogun Warrior-type Figure. This was made by FUNKO who just makes extremely excellent stuff. We think this figure is a SDCC Exclusive because it’s all “Black and White” ( the original one is color ).
Then we get to see a new “SUPERMAN VS BATMAN” Statue based on Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Graphic Novel. OK, we actually saved the BEST for last! Here is an Original “Marshall Rogers” Comic Art Page offered by some vendor. It’s both so beautiful & complete torture!! ( Thank You Chip! )

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