1966 BATMAN TV Show – Uncle Sam PSA Propaganda P osters

While surfing through the evil eBay the other day I came across a Graphic Artist selling these BATMAN “I Want You” PSA POSTERS ( Public Service Announcement ). Of course they’re all a parody of the classic UNCLE SAM Army Enlistment Propaganda Posters from World War II, but they feature characters from the 1966 BATMAN TV Show! I think they look pretty cool! We get to see Batman ( Adam West ), Robin The Boy Wonder ( Burt Ward ), and Batgirl ( Yvonne Craig ). The funny thing is that the Batgirl Poster says, “I want you to return all your books to Gotham City Public Library”. You see, in the television series Batgirl was also Barbara Gordon, who was a Librarian in Gotham, ha ha!

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BATMAN LIVE POSTERS and BILLBOARDS Popping-Up in the UK & France!

With the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour opening pretty soon in the UK ( The very 1st show, I think, starts next month ) the advertising hype is starting! Shown here, in the very 1st photo, is the Official Marquee Poster that will appear in front of theaters. Then, in the 2nd pic, is a French Advertising Poster at a Bus Stop Terminal in Paris, France. Then, a HUGE Giant-Sized Vinyl Billboard in Liverpool, England! ( Please click on it, it’s a really BIG Photo ) WOW! OK, I’m asking all of our friends who live in Europe to please send us some photos of this kinda stuff when you see it. You guys get to experience this event a full year before we Americans do & I’m totally jealous, ha!

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