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Quick Question about Ascendant Justice?

Why does the Halo section of Xbox.com’s website run by 343 Industries have in it’s link section a link to the brilliant Ascendant Justice website?

I say this because the site is now officially deserted as its authors, Vociferous & Cocopjojo have jumped ship to work at 343 Industries….

Sure, I can appreciate that it is a marvellous resource but it seems a little odd sending someone to a site that it no longer being up dated.

Hey, I have an idea! Halo Reach Game News is updated many times per week. How about a link Mr Frankie, kind Sir, oh noble priest of Halo Heaven?

Seriously, check out Ascendant Justice if you want some serious analysis of the Halo games franchise. The discussion of The Terminals found scattered in Halo 3 and the stories they told is possibly the best piece of analysis of anything Halo related. It was written so well, that as I read it I felt I was actually there as an observer in the ultimate game of chess where the pawns represented the lives of millions… sorry, I love hyberbole!

Ascendant Justice’s loss is actually Halo’s gain. They were the fans that got Halo. Now they are part of it, and are perhaps serving as part of Halo’s beating heart, defending against the might of a corporate that the very creators of Halo, Bungie Studios extracted themselves from legally just over a year ago…

Check out the rest of the links, there’s some sites that have been faithful to Halo for years listed there. Must be doing wonders for their traffic! 😉

I actually think the best site for Halo related news is Halo.Bungie.Org, which is also listed – do try it!

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Reach Game Play finally sighted at X10 plus new ViDoc

Watch the new Reach ViDoc here!

Big ups to Bungie today for releasing some footage of Halo: Reach at the Microsoft X10 conference. In classic Bungie vidoc format conference attendees got to see a little bit of hell on Earth, I mean Reach.
At today’s in San Francisco Bungie has today also confirmed that the public Beta for Halo: Reach will opened on May 3rd, 2010. Get ready to grab your copies of Halo 3: ODST

(link will take you to Amazon) from off the shelf kids, as that is the key to entering the beta. You can access the beta via ODST’s menu system.
Bungie revealed the name of the first multiplayer map, to be Powerhouse. And here’s the Reach game’s actual box cover art – it was not the silouette everyone thought it was…. you can view it as wallpaper here. It’s already on my screen! And what about this? Indian Ocean, PRESENT DAY

Ok, here’s the ViDoc!

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Reach Vidoc: Once More Unto The Breach Released

Here’s Bungie’s first propaganda piece video documentary for the Halo: Reach game we are all dying to see and play. We can play the Beta on May 3 but till then we have to make do with the glimpses that the vidoc gave us.

It’s got a lot in it – shots of new weapons, a small sense of scale of the game, all the new lush detail – lots of polygons eh? Check out the bit where the player shoots the wall and the sparks fly. It’s attention to detail like that that make Halo games so awesome.

The ViDoc also provides a wee glimpse at the huge battles Bungie has been touting that the upgraded graphics engine can handle. There’s also news of Spartan customization and few things to look out for include a grenade launcher, stealth kills (awesome assassinations not melee like H3) and a Spartan actually sprinting down a path. So no more lumbering from one battle to the next….

Here’s a really bad shot I took of the grenade launcher:

You’ll not the video game footage has been tagged with ‘Reach Alpha Work In Progress’ this is to show that the footage is part of the build still in development and is not final game play footage. The tag is to try and cut down on people whining that Reach doesn’t look so hot. You know, the Halo haters...

Did you spy the Lost Calico Cat is still missing?

So what did I miss?

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A lazy Saturday Morning Reach Round Up

The wife made omelettes and I did the dishes so now it’s time for a Halo Round Up of the week and some new bits and pieces.

First things first, check out my new Master Chief figurine as he meets Optimus Prime:

Prime: I can turn into a truck! What can you do? Chief: At least I have my hands Prime.
Less important than the new edition to Jimmy Jangle’s toy collection was the release of a Reach Multiplayer film. If I was you I’d go watch it on your 40″ screen in HD. Else go watch the trailer here. It’s total Full Halo Glory ™! Some decent analysis is here and here.
You may have heard the Xbox live will shortly no longer support original xbox titles. This includes Halo 2 – which means no more multiplayer etc and the DEATH OF YOUR CLAN ! SUXXORS EH? Microsoft have come to the party to relieve the pain somewhat and are offering free MS Points, 3 months XBL gold subscription and most immportantly a free key to the Halo Reach Beta Test. If you received this email from XBL, you’ll be awarded / gifted the package in due course.

Here’s a picture that was put up of the Bungie staff hard at work making Halo Reach into the best damn xbox game possible. Noble Actual learnt that some fans are pretty keen and live on every word Marcus Lehto says too…
And because I can, here’s Grin and Bear It’s most awesome halo joke:

Now kids, go and play outside in the sunshine. Kat will get over the joke I’m sure. Your Xbox will still be there when you get back ok? As Urk may say, we out!

Speaking of Prime, check out his 101 Tips for Life

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Spartan in Space! Reach Announcement Trailer secrets

Talk about sneaky! Check out the detail that went into the initial Halo Reach announcement trailer. Bungie put a Spartan in space. Grunts R Us speculates:

“If you look in the smoke of the broken frigate you will see a spartan drifting out into space. It is believed this Spartan is James and he was on a mission with Master Chief when his thruster got shot off and died.”

Can’t see the Spartan? Look in the smoke at middle left of the shot. It looks like the Spartan (or soldier) was blown out a hole in the Frigate.

This reminds of the initial drop the rookie makes in ODST – you can see the Chief flying in space, doing his Superman thing…. trying to catch the Prophet of Regret (remember ODST takes place in the same time context as Halo 2).

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Easter Weekend Reach News Wrap Up

Master Chief has no problem pulling the chicks at Easter!

Easter weekend news and views:

  • The weapons found in the Halo Reach beta
  • How melee and shields will work in Reach
  • Halo Chess Vidoc
  • The Reach Sandbox
  • My interview with Bungie’s Chris Butcher
  • Cortana Costume from Megacon
  • My visit to the Weta Cave
  • Reach Credits

Image found at HawtyMcBloggy

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Halo Reach News Round Up

As the release date for Halo: Reach draws closer and closer more and more more information and news is getting released to build excitement and get the fans wet with glee. The biggest thing for me this week was the release of a short campaign trailer The Battle Begins. It was a great insight into how epic in scale Reach might be – remember how Halo 3 was touted as a huge space battle in which to Finish the Fight? Reach might actually be that game.

Of course to play Reach you might want to play it on the 250 gig Xbox Reach Console

which has been made specifically as a game tie in. Controllers and the like can be found on the ultimate Buy Halo Reach page – all goods are bought through Amazon so you know it’s safe online trading!

Comic Con came and went and we got to see all kinds of awesome Halo cosplay – there was a sweet panel with Bungie staffers that showed of Versus mode in Firefight. Forgeworld was unveiled and the map is just insanely massive is scope – it’s almost most a limitless platform for making custom halo maps and game types.

I also found some images of new maps, including Reflection.

And finally Frankie appears to have confirmed that the Master Chief will be back, just not in Reach……oh something else important happend too… Reach’s gamer points list was released!

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