THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Ad Banners in Taipei City!

WOW! Last week I met a Batman Fan all the way from Egypt & now one from Taiwan…how cool is that? Last night I got a very nice email from a new friend named Jerry who lives there. He wrote to say how much he loved the Bat-Blog ( I never get tired of hearing that, ha ha! ) & he sent these wonderful photos he took awhile back in Taipei City. As you can see, THE DARK KNIGHT Batman movie was a very big deal there. In fact, they posted these HUGE mural-size billboards advertising the film. I totally love that! Taipei City is a great place I would like to visit. For awhile it had the tallest building in the world until when Dubai recently completed their latest skyscraper & stole the title. But regardless, it’s one of the world’s greatest cities & a very beautiful place. I want to thank Jerry for sending these fun pics & also want to invite all other Bat-Blog Readers to do the same. Remember, please send us ANY Batman-related stuff you come across…thanks!!

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Strange BATMAN Advertising From Argentina!

Here’s a really weird piece of Batman history I came across the other day. It’s a picture of an advertisement that might have appeared in a vintage comic book. I’m pretty sure that it is from Argentina. It features Batman, Robin, & Jim Gordon. It looks like they are trying to sell Strawberry Yogurt??? It’s made to look like a comic book page & it’s titled “El Acertijo”, which means, “The Riddler”. But, the Riddler character is NOT in the ad…yes, very strange. If anybody can read this, or knows about its origin, then please let us know.

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Vintage BATMAN DC SUPERHERO Food Product Packaging

As a Serious BATMAN Collector I go completely goo-goo over “Food Products”, ha ha! I mean, they’re usually items you consumed as a little kid so they bring back a lot of nostalgic memories. Plus, I love the Packaging Design ( Fonts, Graphics, etc… )

Here are a few random examples:

The 1st image are 2 different BATMAN PEANUT BUTTER Jars. The one on the left is from 1966 ( glass jar, metal lid ) and the other one is from 1978 ( all plastic ). Cool Graphics!

Next up is a box of Nabisco DC SUPERHEROES Cookies. OK, totally wonderful vintage graphics from 1982. It’s funny how this artwork almost seems “retro” now, ha!

Then we have 2 different advertisements: The 1st one is pretty special because this appeared in Retail Store Sales Brochures in Finland. Yes, Finland! Back in the 1960’s they had BATMAN Soda Pop and finding one of these extremely rare bottles today is like the Holy Grail of collecting.

Last, but not least, is a more current Magazine Ad for DC SUPERHERO Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. There were 3 different boxes of the Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. These were made 1998 and were kind of tied into the Batman TV Cartoon of the time. I actually remember buying these when they were in stores and the pasta was in “Superhero” shapes, ha!

OK, Do YOU have any Rare unusual “Batman Food Products” in YOUR collection? If so then shoot us some pics today. Remember: Sharing the love of collecting is what the Bat-Blog.Com is all about!

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