Thor 2: The Dark World

‘Thor 2′: More Battle Shots, Possible First Look At Zachary Levi As Fandral, And Stan Lee Teases Cameo

A bunch of set photos snapped from the set of Thor 2 have hit the interwebz. The first few waves of images featured Lady Siff riding into battle, followed by a few action shots of Thor. This round of pics, however, give us our first look at Zachary Levi, taking over the role of Fandral.

From the gallery, there are two pictures in question. The first one features Fandral about to give a dark elf (I assume it’s a dark elf) “the people elbow”. The second shows him standing next to Thor; a fine view of both their backsides. Both images are kind of hard to make out. Not sure if it’s Levi or his stunt double. I’ll leave it to you to decide.

All of the pics thus far, though, have been of an epic battle between the Asgardians and a bunch of fugly creatures. It’s all looking like something out of Lord of the Rings, but with a little more bling. Basically, good guys fighting a bunch of orcs with swag.

Since the movie is titled Thor 2: The Dark World, and being some script details have revealed some trouble with some dark elves, I think we can assume the beasties pictured here are of said elves. Check out the gallery below and debate for yourselves.

Also is Thor 2 news, Nuke the Fridge have reported some confirmation of Stan Lee’s inevitable cameo. Appearing on stage at LA’s Comikaze Festival, The Man said:

You’ve never seen anything like it, neither have I. Don?t miss it!

Oh, what a tease! Considering all of Stan’s infamous cameos were on earth, do you think we can expect something otherworldly this time around? I mean come on, gods, dark elves, the nine realms… it’s gotta be something fantastical.

Source: Bleeding Cool (images from by Wayne Howes)

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