Sexy Cosplay of the Week

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Mishiro


Are you ready to get work out of the way and enjoy the weekend? Well, push that garbage to the side and hold on to your seats because it’s a Nerd Bastards Friday and prime time for another edition of Sexy Cosplay of the Week. This week we head south, to Brazil, to figuratively visit Mishiro.

This red-headed cosplayer has quite the collection of costumes under her belt, all of which she uses to knock fellas senseless. And she’s quite the talented individual too; as a gamer, musician, jazz dancer and pole dancer with some mad skills, Mishiro knows what to do to have a good time with her cosplay. Taking her many years of experience and her cute cheerleader figure all over the country, this cosplayer has been making quite the name for herself in her native land and could make her way stateside whenever she wants.

Amassing a variety of costumes, Mishiro has a little bit of everything, from Tekken‘s Zafina and Nintendo’s Princess Peach to Lollipop Chainsaw‘s Juliet Starling. Check out more in the gallery after the jump.













For more on Mishiro head over to her Facebook, Deviant Art or World Cosplay for more.

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Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Gina B.


Welcome to February, the month of love, but more importantly Friday the most magical day of your week! It’s time for this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the Week and the United States own Gina B. This tough New York lass has been doing cosplay for the last few years and every time she makes something new Gina B. just keeps getting better and better. Making all her own my own costumes, props, armor and weapons this curvy little beauty has waltzed her way into the limelight, not bad for someone who’s almost been arrested just for trying to take great pictures. Why would you want to arrest someone as spirited as Gina B., that itself is a crime. It’s not like this determined and inviting cosplayer doesn’t have a closet full of tricks at her disposal, like DC ComicsHawkgirl and Ghost in a Shell‘s leading cyborg lady Kusanagi Motoko. Check out some more of Gina B.’s costumes in the gallery after the jump.

You can see more of Gina B. by heading on over to her Facebook, Deviant Art, World Cosplay, and Twitter .

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Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Clefchan

We know you’ve been waiting all week for this, so we won’t tease you a moment further. Every Friday Nerd Bastards brings you the underdog of the cosplay scene, those that work hard, but don’t get noticed as much as the big names out there. You’ll come to know them lovingly as the Sexy Cosplay of the Week.

It’s a hard job, but when it’s someone as cute as Clefchan, how can we say no?

Based in the sexiest place on Earth, Paris, France, this vivacious little cosplayer is like a Transformer: there’s more to her then meets the eye -excluding mechanical parts and engine oil. A knockout cosplayer with the skills of a Jedi master, only with a needle and thread, Clefchan is also happens to be a very talented illustrator and designer.

Clefchan has done work for the popular Wakfu gaming franchise and various mobile games in her native homeland, but it’s her cosplay that stands out for us. With her collection of anime, gaming and original cosplay Clefchan’s bubbly personality always manages to flow through, maybe it’s because of how cute she is? Just look at her Disney cosplay for Peter Pan‘s Tinkerbelle and Alice in Wonderland‘s Alice or DC comicsPower Girl and Dragonball Z‘s Cyborg 18 (that’s right, we used the proper Japanese name!)

Hit the jump for more.

Check out more of Clefchan at her Facebook, Deviant Art or personal page for more!

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