Michael Keaton

COPS PIN RAP ON BATMAN – 1992 New York Post Newspaper

Here’s a random Batman item I came across on eBay awhile back that I thought was pretty cool. Well, “cool” because it’s kinda weird, ha ha! This was the actual cover to a NEW YORK POST Newspaper dated Thursday, June 18th, 1992. It was around the time of the ’92 BATMAN RETURNS Movie by Tim Burton. In fact, the photo on the cover is of the Actor who played the Caped Crusader, Michael Keaton. But, the story really had nothing to do with him. It was mainly about how a New York State Sheriff Group was urging a boycott on all films made by Time Warner Inc. because they were the media giant also responsible for publishing a rap song by rapper Ice-T titled “COP KILLER”. The name of the album was called “Body Count” & they wanted it removed from store shelves. OK, I remember all this mess. It got really blown-up for awhile. Now listen, I’m presenting this story as an unusual piece of Bat-History & I don’t want to hear a bunch of bigoted opinions about Rap music, thank you. I just think this vintage newspaper cover is kinda fun.

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