A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Dave, sent us some pictures lately of a few different Batman Halloween Costumes he has had over the years. They span about 20-something years apart & are very interesting. For this post I thought I would just show the Joker ones & then do the others later. The 1st photo here must have been from last Halloween because he is the newer “Heath Ledger Joker” from The Dark Knight movie. The hair & make-up look really good & I bet he hit a ton of Thrift Stores until he found the perfect purple suit & vest! It all ties together nicely. Plus, Hey! Is that HELLBOY standing there too? In the next photo it looks like his wife got her “Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ” outfit on, it’s very cute from what I can see ( where’s Toto The Dog at? ). The other pictures are from the 1980’s. Back then, he was more of a “Comic Book Version” of The Joker. He also had great Joker Style going on then too with the purple clothes! I bet thrift stores never sell this kinda stuff all year long until Halloween time, ha ha! But all kidding aside, I wanna thank Dave for sending these totally wonderful pics. These Joker Costumes are all great. Now, I promise I will be posting the other ones soon, they’re great too! Remember: If any other Bat-Blog Readers wanna share there Batman-related Halloween Costume pics then please do!!

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