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Vintage Halloween Photo: BATMAN AND THE JOKER Terrorize Gotham City!

Here’s an awesome Vintage Family Photo from around 1989 ( or early 90’s maybe? ) showing our friend Steven & his brother dressed-up for Halloween as Batman & The Joker! Now, Steven wore the Joker outfit while his brother got to don the Batman mask. I totally love the facial expressions on both kids. They are really super-excited & you can tell that they mean business! Little Batman’s “Fight Pose” is priceless! Since Halloween is right around the corner I’m asking all Bat-Blog Readers right now to send us your Halloween memories. We’re looking for older photos ( or new ones ) that have people wearing Batman-related costumes. Even if it’s just you wearing a mask! Thanks. Oh yeah, and a special thanks to Steven for sending this wonderful photo, it’s very mush appreciated!

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1989 BATMAN MOVIE: Bat-Wing ( Bat-Jet ) Blueprint Art by Production Designer Anton Furst

During the making of the1989 Batman movie, directed by Tim Burton, the Production Designer for the film was Anton Furst. He designed Sets, Custom Vehicles, & even the Movie Poster! Here is a photo of his original blueprint to the now famous Bat-Jet, also known as The Bat-Wing! I thought I would post it in case anyone wanted to build one ( ha ha, OK, a dumb joke…but be sure to click on the pic up above for a larger photo ). Actually I thought it was a pretty cool drawing. In fact, Warner Bros should make a poster of it for sale…people would go nuts! Remember when this vehicle saved Gotham City from those evil “Joker Gas” Balloon Floats? Good times, good times.

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Super-Rare BATMAN Memorabilia From The BATFAN Collection

Our buddy, THE BATFAN, sent us some cool photos the other day of a few rare bat-items from his personal collection. The 1st pic shows a funny BATMAN COOKING APRON that was made around the time of the 1989 Batman movie. I like that it’s the “Comic Book” version with the blue/gray/yellow bat-suit. The funny thing about it is that they made a mask to go with it! I actually remember this thing when it was out. I now wish I would have bought one, it’s pretty cool! The next group of items are really great too. They’re a Set of Batman & Robin Drinking Glasses that were made around 1967!! What makes them extremely hard to find here in the US is that they’re from the Netherlands. Yes, all the way from Holland!! I totally love the retro-style graphics, very beautiful! ( Please click on the photo for a larger, more detailed, picture ). Do you have any obscure super-rare Batman items in your collection? If so, then please shoot us a pic today. Our email is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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Videos – World’s ONLY Turbine-Powered BATMOBILE Car!

OK, this is BATMAN FANDOM to the Extreme! You gotta love it! A cool Bat-Fan named Casey Putsch recently built his very own Batmobile Car! It’s modeled after the 1989 BATMAN Movie version. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, there’s a ton of those out there!”. Well, NOT like this one. He used a a Boeing turbine engine from a decommissioned military helicopter!! Yes, this thing is really turbo!! It’s just like it was intended in the movie, but real, ha! Just check out the videos down below & you’ll see. Plus, be sure to crank-up your speakers because you can hear the modified turbine engine roar! This EXTREME!! ( Thanks Jordan & Mike ).

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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OK, These photos are total torture for me! I mean, I already know I will not be able to afford to buy this brand-new HOT TOYS ’89 BATMOBILE Toy and I’m already crying myself to sleep over it, ha! This is the HUGE vehicle being made for the large “Michael Keaton BATMAN” Hot Toys Figure. It’s gonna be real expensive ( Like hundreds of dollars ) but completely worth every penny as it’s a beautiful, and extremely detailed, replica of the Batmobile Car from the 1989 BATMAN Movie.

It has Rubber Tires with Detailed Tread, a Cockpit that slides open, an Instrument Panel inside that’s very detailed, Machine Gun Turrets that pop-out of the hood, a Special Base to display it on, etc… it even comes with a “Cocoon Shield” to cover it. OK, I’m just gonna cry for about an hour or two. I know you are so much braver than I am so please be sure to check out all the wonderful photos.

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In this “Super Power Beat Down” Video we get to see an actual Car Racing video between a 1966 Batman TV Show Batmobile and the 1989 Movie Version… and it answers the question, “Which Batmobile Car Would WIN in a Real Race?”.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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I recently came across these promo photos from the Japanese Toy Company, HOT HOYS, where they were showing off a few of their Batman-related vehicles. Some have been out awhile and other are set for the future. Well, one of them is the 1960’s TV Show Batmobile!! Oh man, I totally freaked out ( ha ha ) and upon doing some research I came across these 1st two photos showing the Classic TV Car.

Yes, they’re making a HUGE version of the George Barris 1966 Batmobile!! Once we get more information ( and new photos ) you know we’re gonna post them here. So, stay tunes. OK Hot Toys, TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!

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Custom Bat-Cycle Inspired by the 1989 BATMAN Movie Batmobile!

OK, I’m not really sure what these sort of vehicles are called but they’re basically 3-wheeled motorcycles. Well, recently these “tricycles” have become extremely popular with people who love customizing stuff.

Here’s one I came across randomly on the Internet and, as you can see, it’s design is inspired by the Batmobile Car from the 1989 Michael Keaton BATMAN Movie… AWESOME!!

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