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THE TUMBLER TOUR! See The Original DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Batmobile Prop Car in Your Town!

Hey Bat-Fans, Warner Bros is doing something really cool for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. They’re sending the Original TUMBLER BATMOBILE Film Prop-Car out on tour! Yes, they’re calling it THE TUMBLER TOUR!! In fact, the event starts today, May 12th, in Bentonville, Arkansas! Yes, this is the first stop on the Tumbler Tour! Go to the Wal-Mart on Walton Blvd from 10AM – 3PM to see the Dark Knight’s Vehicle up close & personal!
Now, Here’s a List of other Cities and Dates:

5/12 Bentonville, AR5/15 Tulsa, OK5/19 Overland Park, KS5/21 Kansas City, MO5/23 St. Louis, MO5/25 Chicago, IL5/27 Washington, DC5/28 Baltimore, MD5/30 Philadelphia, PA6/1 Buffalo, NY6/7 Toronto, Canada6/10 Montreal, Canada6/12 Purchase, NY6/13 Columbus, OH6/15 Lansing, MI6/16 Detroit, MI6/17 Brooklyn, MI6/19 Indianapolis, IN6/21 Nashville, TN6/22 Knoxville, TN6/23 Atlanta, GA6/25 Dallas, TX6/27 San Antonio, TX6/29 El Paso, TX7/1 Albuquerque, NM7/2 Phoenix, AZ7/7 Los Angeles, CA

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New BATMAN TOYS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Action Figures 1st Wave!

This is sort of a weird post but really actually pretty cool if ya think about it, ha! OK, Please let me explain. Here at this site we have a Fan who just so happens to work at Wal-Mart. She’s also a Huge Batman Fan & was very excited to see that some brand-new Bat-Toys came in that were related to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. She said the weird thing was that all the Employees there have very strict rules about NOT placing the product on the shelves until Midnight, on May 27th. So, at that time, this new stuff will be appearing. The cool thing was she snapped a photo for us of the Action Figures in the 1st wave. You can see them in the 1st pic.

Also, as a side story: The 2nd photo features some of the new “Mattel Batman” Figures that are out right now ( they don’t have a special release date ). I call them the “Mattel Batman” Toys because they DO NOT tie-into any Comic Book, Movie, Cartoon, Video Game or anything. Their actual name is “Power Attack!”. These are designed exclusively by Mattel, what they call “in-house”.

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OK, You can label this post as a major FAIL, maybe. The other night I woke up at like 3:00 in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep and was totally bored. So, I thought I’d go hit the local 24-hour Walmart and see if I could find some new Batman Merchandise to report on. Yeah, I’m being productive, right? Well, I got there and started finding stuff like crazy. Then I started to take photos and after a few pics my batteries in the Digital Camera went dead. Aaarrgghh, what a Loser!! I just didn’t think about it. But I did manage to get quite a few pics anyway so I went home, ha!

The 1st photo are some cool Batman Tank Tops I found in the Little Kids area. The graphics are from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which I thought was kinda weird.

Then, speaking of weird. While walking through the Men’s area I spotted these Batman Boxers and Briefs ( Hey, just a little something something for the Ladies ). I was kind of excited about finding some new merch but I’ll admit I also felt kinda freaky taking this photo. I hope some Wal-Mart Shopper or Employee didn’t see me and think I was a total perv, ha ha!

Next, I hit the Toy Area. I knew I was gonna find some neat stuff there and I did. Here are those BATMAN Apptivity Figures we mentioned here at the BAT-BLOG awhile back. They’re shown here in their original packaging and I gotta admit they’re way more neat than I thought they would be. Basically these things go along with your Apple iPad to play games, looks fun!
OK next time I promise to take an extra set of batteries with me. In the mean time, if YOU spot any cool BRAND-NEW Batman Products then please let us know.

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