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A Picture Perfect Jack From Mass Effect 3 Cosplay With Bonus Samara


Cosplayer Ragemoreroberts brings both the style and character to this Mass Effect 3 Jack cosplay.

She also got some gorgeous pics with Rana, the face actress for Samara herself.

Photography by Kurnikoff.

Check out more of this stunning cosplay after the break.





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(via Cosgeek)

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Incredible Mass Effect 3 Cosplay from Pax

thane from mass effect cosplay

Incredible Mass Effect 3 Cosplay from Pax

It seems to me that Mass Effect cosplayers might be the best in costume play out there. Check out these images of the cos play action from the recent PAX event.

tali cosplay mass effect



mass effect mordin cosplay

Mordin. No word on what the cosplayer sang…

Thane again and a certain doctor…

Check out some more Mass Effect costume players.

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