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The BastardCast vs. Zombie College Hijinks and the Mystery of the Fox


This time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy pull a 180 after watching the new RoboCop trailer, warn you about the first ever GTA related virus that didn’t come from banging a pixelated hooker in a car park, and go back to school to learn about zombie stuff and things.

Also on the show: This Week in OMG/Total BS Star Wars News, another DC writer leaves the nest (and shits in it too), Will Smith gets ready to have a meeting in an airport Ramada about returning to his signature role (WILD WILD WILD WESTER here we come!), and Transformers 4 gets a title that we don’t care about (look forward to our 180 on The Dinobot Holocaust in a future episode.)

More? We can not deny you the news about an internet addiction treatment center (step one is admitting that you have a problem, step two is joining Google +), our sparkling repartee about the next iteration of the Bat suit, or our questions about whether Elizabeth Berkely (Showgirls & Saved by the Bell… we’re just helping you so you don’t have to use IMDB) can successfully undulate on dry land without the aid of Kyle MacLachlan’s magical unicorn penis on Dancing with the Stars?

By the way, If you have to ask, yes, this next story is readymade to make you scratch your head to the point where it leaves scar tissue: a mail room worker tried to take her career to higher ground by claiming to know the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chris Nolan, assuming that Hollywood would give it away… now.

Oh, and here is the that BatFleck Batsuit they talked about… see? They posted the link. GO TEAM!

What the Fox Say? He say re-subscribe to the show on iTunes, there may be a glitch in the system that is conspiring to keep you away from us! He also says that the half life of a meme is less than the amount of time that it takes to.. what were we talking about?

All that and Jeremy Argh Hudson on the lightness of beering during the autumnal treat that is, The BastardCast!



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The BastardCast: Now with 100% More Remo Williams!

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BATMAN RETURNS Batman & Catwoman Costumes By Zack!

This is our friend Zack with his lovely Girlfriend. Of course he is Batman (1992 BATMAN RETURNS “Michael Keaton” movie version ) & she is perfect as the Catwoman. Zack told me that even though he built his costume himself, with items he found from different locations, he did custom-build the chest piece for this bat-suit. OK, I gotta say that both costumes look really really great & I don’t mean any disrespect here but, Dude, your Girlfriend is totally HOT! But all kidding aside, I guarentee that both of you will be a total hit at any party you go to…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ( Zack – Thanks for sending the wonderful pics )

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Awhile back, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we featured a few photos of the work of some very creative people who have been inspired by Batman. One Artist was a guy named Pete & this photo was recently sent in to us. It’s his Custom BATMAN BUST Statue, “Michael keaton” version. The previous photo showed the piece in an early stage of creation. Well, this pic was taken after it was all painted! My favorite part, and I know this is kinda dumb on my part, is the “Bat-Belt” design at the base. I don’t know, that’s kinda clever. But overall it’s a great piece. So, have YOU done any drawing, painting, or any other creative endeavor? HEY! Shoot us some pics & send them in! ( Thanks Pete, Good Job on this Art! )

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COPS PIN RAP ON BATMAN – 1992 New York Post Newspaper

Here’s a random Batman item I came across on eBay awhile back that I thought was pretty cool. Well, “cool” because it’s kinda weird, ha ha! This was the actual cover to a NEW YORK POST Newspaper dated Thursday, June 18th, 1992. It was around the time of the ’92 BATMAN RETURNS Movie by Tim Burton. In fact, the photo on the cover is of the Actor who played the Caped Crusader, Michael Keaton. But, the story really had nothing to do with him. It was mainly about how a New York State Sheriff Group was urging a boycott on all films made by Time Warner Inc. because they were the media giant also responsible for publishing a rap song by rapper Ice-T titled “COP KILLER”. The name of the album was called “Body Count” & they wanted it removed from store shelves. OK, I remember all this mess. It got really blown-up for awhile. Now listen, I’m presenting this story as an unusual piece of Bat-History & I don’t want to hear a bunch of bigoted opinions about Rap music, thank you. I just think this vintage newspaper cover is kinda fun.

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OK, These photos are total torture for me! I mean, I already know I will not be able to afford to buy this brand-new HOT TOYS ’89 BATMOBILE Toy and I’m already crying myself to sleep over it, ha! This is the HUGE vehicle being made for the large “Michael Keaton BATMAN” Hot Toys Figure. It’s gonna be real expensive ( Like hundreds of dollars ) but completely worth every penny as it’s a beautiful, and extremely detailed, replica of the Batmobile Car from the 1989 BATMAN Movie.

It has Rubber Tires with Detailed Tread, a Cockpit that slides open, an Instrument Panel inside that’s very detailed, Machine Gun Turrets that pop-out of the hood, a Special Base to display it on, etc… it even comes with a “Cocoon Shield” to cover it. OK, I’m just gonna cry for about an hour or two. I know you are so much braver than I am so please be sure to check out all the wonderful photos.

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