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New BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game T-Shirts!!

You’re either playing the game or you want the game! Yeah, I’m talking about the new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game! The official launch & release of the game was yesterday & many people are saying it will be THE GAME OF THE YEAR! Sadly, I have not got to play it yet but seriously plan too. I mean, all the reviews have been very excellent…I’m pretty happy about that! While searching for alternative products in this franchise I came across these 2 extremely cool T-Shirts. One features Batman, as seen on the video game’s box cover. The other T-Shirt has a JOKER graphic where the Joker ( voiced by Mark Hamill ) looks totally crazy! If you would like to know where to buy them I have added a link button down below. While there be sure to check out some of the other Batman T-Shirts they have because there’s some other great ones too!

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Rare 1966 BATMAN Girl’s Summer Shirt

Here’s a wonderful photo of an extremely RARE piece of Vintage Batman merchandise. It’s a 1966 BATMAN Shirt… for a Little Girl. This item was bought off eBay awhile back from our friend Doug, who wrote, “I recently purchased this 1966 Batman Girl’s Summer Shirt on eBay for a song. It is size 3X small cotton shirt with the Joker, Penquin, Batmobile, Batman, and Robin. It also has Gotham City in the background. Please note the Batman Logo is highlighted in pink and other features as well. This is the first one I have ever seen.”

Yes, I have to agree that this is the very first time I have seen this variation. Now, I’ve seen this same graphic used on Baby bibs, Pillows, T-Shirts, etc…but never on a little girl’s outfit & never in the strange hot pink variation, very cool! Thanks to Doug for sharing. So, do YOU have a RARE Batman Collectible you would like to share? I’m talking about a “Museum Piece” you have never seen before. if so, then please shoot the Bat-Blog a photo & send it to us, thanks.

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Fashion – Tokyo Girls Who Love Batman!

According to a blog named TOKYO FASHION it seems that BATMAN Themed T-Shirts are now all the rage in Japan, that’s awesome! They recently did a post that features many cute Japanese Girls wearing the DARK KNIGHT Gear. Here’s a link to check them out, just click HERE!

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New BATMAN and THE JOKER Reversible Tee T-Shirt at Journeys

Our Buddy, Ace Bat-Reporter BATDAVE, hit his local Shopping Mall the other day in New Jersey and found this extremely excellent BATMAN AND JOKER T-Shirt at a retail store called “Journeys”. It’s a “Reversible Tee”, meaning that one image is printed on the inside. So, you can turn your shirt inside-out and have a second shirt… a very cool idea! Plus, I’m loving the artwork here.

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Here is our Good Buddy Desmond. He’s a very cool little kid and what’s even cooler is, he’s a HUGE Batman Fan! I mean, this Kid is totally coo-coo crazy for the Dark Knight! Well, here’s a photo of him that his Mom recently emailed to us because he wanted us to all see his brand-new BATMAN Shoes. These are special Converse Sneakers and you can find them at Journey’s. I really like the design of these and they’re perfect for children. Oh yeah, you might notice in the 1st pic that Desmond is also sporting a cool Batman Logo T-Shirt AND Bat-Sunglasses!

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Fantastic Dark Link Cosplay

Star connected with Zelda enthusiast will be knowledgeable about Darker Web page link plus interested in the quantity of Star in Zelda fans examine GGN, I just knew I had put together to create this colorful Darkish Url cosplay when i found.This cosplayer which is particular provide some bad dreams within this awesome African american Website link cosplay is usually DeviantART consumer InkyLink. I’d state these managed a beautiful well done utilizing this Dark-colored Connect cosplay! The scarlet eyesight provide it a truly demonic start looking in which appears to be fairly connecting.It is a fine differ from the entire regular Backlink cosplay I personally article so when you possess various other Darker Weblink cosplay as well as other Superstar with Zelda cosplay you think I will article relating to, move the message inside the reviews down the page!

Fantastic Dark Link Cosplay

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Mind Blowing Skyrim Cosplay

Mind Blowing Skyrim Cosplay03

Mind Blowing Skyrim Cosplay04

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