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Holy Bootleg Toys, Batman!

Awhile back a good friend to the Bat-Blog, named Andreas, sent us a few photos of his “Bootleg Batman” Collection. I posted some back then but decided to wait a little bit before releasing more. You see, he collects both new & Vintage Batman Toys but one thing he likes to focus on are the wacky-crazy bootleg toys that get made all over the globe. The 1st toy is actually a pin-back button with candy attached. I think he got this in the UK where they don’t say “pins” but call them badges. ( Or was it Mexico? Sorry, forgot ). It’s a rip-off of the Bat-Signal Symbol. The 2nd photo is a “Super Heroes” Action Figure. The Blister Card features graphics with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, AND Power Rangers characters…strange. Also, if you make Batman RED & SILVER, then I guess it’s not copyright infringement, ha ha! The next photo is also an action figure but this one is from Greece. They gave him a trident which is more of a weapon for Aquaman, ha ha. The 4th pic is sort of an action figure. Well, it’s a “Marble Shooter”. Which is kinda weird because kids don’t really play with marbles much anymore. This bootlegger must have been in his 80’s, “Kids love them marble games, aahhhh”. The other weird thing is a Power Ranger makes an appearance on the card & isn’t that small picture of a monster a villain on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The figure is kinda nice though, an “Animated Series” Batman. The last picture is the best. Yeah, I saved the best for last! This is a Batman Theme Song Tribute Vinyl Record with AWESOME Batman Graphics. If I remember right these were made in France, or maybe the UK, & they’re extremely cool! Plus, these are great quality unlike most bootlegs. Now, the main reason for posting these, other than a good laugh, is to show the history of the Batman Toys. I love the bootleg stuff but don’t go out of my way to hunt it down or pay for it. If I come across it at a flea market or garage sale really cheap I’ll get it for a funny display piece. I wanna thank Andreas for taking the time to shoot these photos & for sharing, that’s great, thanks!!

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NEW Kazuto Kirigaya Kirito Sword Art Online Black Jacket Cosplay Costume Made

NEW Kazuto Kirigaya Kirito Sword Art Online Black Jacket Cosplay Costume Made

  • Color: BLACK
  • Including:Coat
  • Brand New,
  • Made to Order (about 7-10 working days

This product is for a new first class craft-work made by experienced professional tailors,Custom-made,in your own size.

SInce this is customized size. If you like it, please send us your measurements. (copy this chart and send it to us)

Size Chart (please in cm, body net size)


(Total height, bare feet)

(Shoulder Width)
(Width between shoulder ends, taken at back)

(Around the biggest part of bust)

(Around the natural waistling)

(Around the biggest part of hips)

Shoulder to Waist:
(Shoulder seam to natural waistline, taken at back)

Arm Circumference:
(Around the thickest part of upper arm)

Pants Length:
(from waist to length desired)

Arm Length:
(From shoulder seam to length desired)

Cuff Circumference:
(Desired cuff circumference)

Price: 160.50 USD

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Get Backers: Fuchoin Kazuki

Earlier known as among the Four Nobleman of the V, Kazuki will be the previous get better at of the Fuuchouin Line Martial arts disciplines, a new battling design and style that employs koto guitar strings governed by moaning in the disposal. This strings can easily disparaging offer upward strong world, bone, pores and skin, muscle tissue, and in many cases steel. Kazuki might also utilize the strings to listen with with far away talks.In line with his / her Heal Shape, Kenn is a guy cosplayer from Cina. I really imagined he would have been a girl initially simply because he’s so… rather. Kazuki is most likely the ideal character for him or her to cosplay. As a result of Ohime (Kenn’s number one enthusiast) for submitting that inside!

Fuchoin Kazuki

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