I just recently joined a Message Board called the “Drawing Board”. It’s for artists & illustrators to share tips or information. Plus, it’s just a great place to see a lot of neat Comic Book Style Artwork, Pin-Up Girlie Art, Portraits, Cartoon Graphics, Animation Videos, & Graphic Styles of all kind. Now, speaking of graphic style, here’s an example. They had a thread where people were invited to post their personal artwork of The Joker. They call it an “ART JAM”. Well, this thing must have been pretty popular because a TON of awesome artwork got posted. Because of space limitations I can only show a few as an example but, really, at the website there are many many more! So if you look at these you can see what I am talking about. I sort of picked some out at random. They all have their own unique style but also very different from each other. Some artists draw things very realistic, like replicating a photograph, while others have a “Cartoon Style”. I know a lot of readers of the Bat-Blog are extremely creative people who work as artists so this post works on another level & that is, you should join the “Drawing Board” to help you become a better artist. If not in your craft, then maybe just to network with other professionals. You can visit their website by clicking HERE!

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