Recent Entries To My “DRAW BATMAN FACE” Art Challenge!

I recently posted a piece of art showing Batman with NO face & dared people to draw one on. Well, I got a few emailed to me & I gotta say that I’m very proud of all of them. All the artwork is really great! So, here they are. I’m not posting them in any “favorite order”, but I’m posting them in the order that they were received. The 1st two were done by David Morefeld. He did one of Batman but added the “Turtle” because the whole thing reminded him of that famous “Art School Contest”, that’s hilarious! Plus, his Batman Drawing is really great! The 3rd one was created by Kai Kumpulainen. The shadowing & realistic detail is very good. Especially when you consider that he drew it with crappy software. Can you imagine what he could have done with some Adobe Illustrator? He did a really GREAT job! The 4th one is from our friend Timothy San Fllippo. WOW! He went all totally crazy adding color & a funky background …love it! The last one is from our buddy Zdravko Genov, who lives in Bulgaria. He said that all he had was MS Paint. But regardless of this his sketch is still really wonderful. I totally love all of these & wanna thank everyone who participated. I thought it was a fun art experiment & was also surprised by how many people took me up on the challenge….Well Done, Gentlemen.

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