HA HA HA HA, whew! OK, Lately we have been getting a few more drawings sent in by Bat-Blog Readers for the DRAW BATMAN’S FACE challenge. I gotta say that I’m putting them in the order we got them & this time they’re all sort of crazy. I mean “crazy” in a good way! The 1st one is from our friend Ray. He decided to draw the Adam West version of the Dark Knight. For using the Microsoft DRAW program it turned out pretty great! The next 2 were done by our friend Gary. He said that the one with the scary face is the scene in the movie where Batman gets sprayed with Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin ( it’s awesome! ). The 2nd one is “Batman Dog Face”, ha ha! The last one was drawn by a Good Citizen named Logan & it shows Batman enjoying a 3-D Movie ( IMAX maybe? ). It’s pretty cool! I wanna thank everyone who sent these in. All you guys are totally great Graphic Artists!!

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