Final Fantasy VII: Vincent Valentine 02

final fantasy cosplay - vincent valentine 2

Thirty years before the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent was a member of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company’s Administrative Research Division; a fancy title for the company’s Black Ops unit more commonly known as the Turks. At the age of 27, he was assigned to supervise the Jenova Project in a town called Nibelheim, and fell in love with one of the supporting scientists, Lucrecia Crescent. Despite their love for each other, Lucrecia harbored a secret past related to the death of Vincent’s father and therefore decided to break off the relationship, leaving Vincent for another scientist named Hojo.

Impressive cosplay of a much younger Vincent! Although I didn’t think he was actually so old in the game. Thanks to Feanne for sharing this! Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, final, fantasy, 7, vii, vincent, valentine, 2, thirty, 30, year, before, beginning, member, shin-ra, electric, power, company, administrative, research, division, fancy, title, black, ops, unit, common, know, turks, 27, assign, supervise, jenova, project, town, call, nibelhein, fall, love, one, supporting, scientist, lucrecia, crescent, other, harbor, secret, past, relate, death, father, decide, break, relationship, leave, another, name, hojo, impressive, young, think, old, feanne, contribution, suggestion, email, , , VII, ,

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