Batman Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday….on Thursday!

OK, I know that today is Thursday & on Wednesday I always post “Batman Themed Desktop background Wallpapers”. But I’ve been having a little trouble lately getting back on track. So, better late than never! Here are 3 Wallpaper Backgrounds that are sure to jazz-up any PC desktop. The 1st one uses some promo art that was done in the 1980’s by Paul Gulacy, it’s pretty cool. Plus, he’s a total bat-fan favorite. Speaking of “promo”, the next one uses some art that was found in an old comic book & was made to advertise the BATMAN RETURNS Video Game. It’s got Catwoman, The Penguin, & even his famous Duck-mobile vehicle….awesome! The last one is more modern day. it’s an image from the DC Universe Film BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD. Of course, it’s the Joker….looking pretty twisted ( as usual ). Please be sure to look in the far-left column of this blog where you can find the Bat-Blog Archives. There, you’ll see hundreds of other Bat-Wallpapers we have posted in the past…have fun!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

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