Shishimai Dance Lion Kigurumi – Japanese Sazac Cosplay Costume Pajamas

  • New Sazac Fleece Shishimai Kigurumi Japanese Pajamas

Dance away your sorrows with this Shishimai Kigurumi! The Shishimai is a costume that originates from the Japanese Lion Dance. This lion was meant to protect the land by scaring away evil spirits. Wear it to a party to bring joy to your friends or wear it as your good luck pajamas. Either way Shishimai is the perfect kigurumi to embrace the magic in you! Made with love by Sazac. Our kigurumis come in two different kinds of fabric – fleece and pile. The fleece fabric is slightly heavier, making these kigurumi a good choice for pajamas or outdoor wear. The thinner pile fabric is good for warmer environments, such as indoor parties or hot climates. The difference is subtle and we feel that fleece or pile kigurumis are comfortable in any situation. Remember, you can always alter what you wear underneath your kigurumi.. All Kigurumi come with elasticized wrist and ankle cuffs and some come with pockets too. Sizes:Kigurumi are one-size-fits-all. Simple, right? They are made to be loose fitting and will accommodate adults and children who are at least five feet tall. Machine Washable:You just wore your kigurumi to a crazy party over the weekend and now you need to clean it so you look sharp for your important business meeting on Monday? No problem! We know you’re kind of a big deal and don’t have time for dry cleaning. All of our kigurumi costumes are machine washable and can stand repeated cleanings without losing their shape. Win!

Price: $119.99

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