Mai Otome: Nina Wong and Yumemiya Arika

mai otome cosplay - nina wong / wang and yumemiya arika

Another anime I’m not familiar with, but rather impressed with the cosplay, Mai Otome’s Nina Wong (or Wang is it?), top Coral student, rival of Yumemiya Arika, a newbie to Garderobe who dreams of becoming an Otome like her mother.

Mai Otome is a sequel to Mai Hime, though the settings are different and the main characters are also different. The main characters’ goals are to become Otomes, royal guards to various kingdoms. Apparently, only female virgins can become Meister Otomes as they are chosen by the old technology nanomachines.

Interesting concept… though I think I shall stick to cosplay rather than the anime itself… I have too many on my list already…

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