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The Force Is Super Effective: $12 Tee Today Only! [Deals]


The Force is super effective, even if the graphics aren’t. Grab this t-shirt on sale for $12 today only!

Product Page ($12)

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Doc Around The Clock [T-Shirt]

doc 3

Now that the Twelfth Doctor has been revealed, it’s time to get him on a t-shirt. This one features all The Doctors in order around the face of a clock along with some Gallifreyan symbols. It’s all Doctor Who, all the time.

Product Page ($25.56 via shirtoid)

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Invader Zim Comes To The Dark Side: $11 Tee Today Only! [Deals]


This Star Wars / Invader Zim mashup is so, so great-and it can be yours for only $11! Better hurry though, the deal ends tomorrow.

Product Page ($11)

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New Batman Merchandise Over at The ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Website!

As Serious BATMAN Fans most of us totally love the 1966 BATMAN TV Show & here are just a few brand-new products related to that series. You see, Burt Ward, the Actor who played ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, has an official website where he has a few exclusive pieces of merchandise. I went there the other day & noticed a few things I have not seen there before. Shown here is a Batman and Robin T-Shirt, Writing Pen, & Key Chains with “1966 Batman” graphics ( I really love the Bat-Pen, ha! ). You can also see a few other new items there, just click HERE!

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Black Milk To Introduce New Mass Effect Clothing Line!


Black Milk Clothing teased its new line of Mass Effect inspired clothing at SDCC and now we’ve got some pictures and a sneak peek in their weekly video podcast. The clothes all include the iconic N7 logo along with red and white stripe. They look fantastic!

So far we’ve seen dresses, shirts, hoodies and leggings but they promise there’s even more to come when the full line is revealed on August 15th.

See more pictures and the video after the break…



(Black Milk via Geek Pinata)

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Fashion – Tokyo Girls Who Love Batman!

According to a blog named TOKYO FASHION it seems that BATMAN Themed T-Shirts are now all the rage in Japan, that’s awesome! They recently did a post that features many cute Japanese Girls wearing the DARK KNIGHT Gear. Here’s a link to check them out, just click HERE!

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Batman ’66 Tank Top


This tank top features the classic 1966 Batman and Robin scaling the wall of a building. They always made it look so easy.

Product Page ($20.50)

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Jon Snow Admits He Knows Nothing [T-Shirt]

Jon Snow knows nothing

Ygritte spends most of her time telling Jon Snow that he knows nothing. That is, when she’s not kissing him (she sends mixed messages sometimes). In this Game of Thrones t-shirt design he not only admits it, he embraces it. Enjoy your innocence while you can, Snow! You’ll know it all by the time winter comes.

Product Page ($25 via Shirtoid)

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This T-Shirt Starts Your Jedi Training: $12 Tee Today Only! [Deals]

jedi in training

Amazingly enough, Yoda will personally train you to be a Jedi for only $12! Better hurry though, his price goes up tomorrow.

Product Page ($12)

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