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Her Universe Teases Us With Cute Boba Fett Dresses

boba fett dress samples hu

I’m going to admit something that is not going to make me popular: I don’t go crazy over Boba Fett. I think he’s fine as a character, but I don’t have passionate feelings about him the way that a whole lot of fans seem to. That said, I can’t deny these new dress designs from Her Universe are ridiculously cute. They’re samples so I’m not sure how soon they will be available to consumers, but man, I can’t wait. These A-line dress designs may be making my wallet sad but they are making me happy.

(via Instagram)

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The BastardCast vs. Zombie College Hijinks and the Mystery of the Fox


This time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy pull a 180 after watching the new RoboCop trailer, warn you about the first ever GTA related virus that didn’t come from banging a pixelated hooker in a car park, and go back to school to learn about zombie stuff and things.

Also on the show: This Week in OMG/Total BS Star Wars News, another DC writer leaves the nest (and shits in it too), Will Smith gets ready to have a meeting in an airport Ramada about returning to his signature role (WILD WILD WILD WESTER here we come!), and Transformers 4 gets a title that we don’t care about (look forward to our 180 on The Dinobot Holocaust in a future episode.)

More? We can not deny you the news about an internet addiction treatment center (step one is admitting that you have a problem, step two is joining Google +), our sparkling repartee about the next iteration of the Bat suit, or our questions about whether Elizabeth Berkely (Showgirls & Saved by the Bell… we’re just helping you so you don’t have to use IMDB) can successfully undulate on dry land without the aid of Kyle MacLachlan’s magical unicorn penis on Dancing with the Stars?

By the way, If you have to ask, yes, this next story is readymade to make you scratch your head to the point where it leaves scar tissue: a mail room worker tried to take her career to higher ground by claiming to know the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chris Nolan, assuming that Hollywood would give it away… now.

Oh, and here is the that BatFleck Batsuit they talked about… see? They posted the link. GO TEAM!

What the Fox Say? He say re-subscribe to the show on iTunes, there may be a glitch in the system that is conspiring to keep you away from us! He also says that the half life of a meme is less than the amount of time that it takes to.. what were we talking about?

All that and Jeremy Argh Hudson on the lightness of beering during the autumnal treat that is, The BastardCast!



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The BastardCast: Now with 100% More Remo Williams!

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An AT-AT Invades a Pencil Skirt

AT-AT pencil skirt

AT-ATs would make a good pet, but you have to be responsible and take them outside for walks and play time. Etsy seller Engram Clothing came up with this adorable design and put it on a classic pencil skirt. The art is screen-printed onto cotton so it will be nice and comfortable. Spread the goodwill of the Empire and order one today!

Product Page ($28)

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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Production Locations and Dates, and a New Obi-Wan Kenobi Story

star wars ep vii

Today at Nerd Bastards, we bring you yet more Star Wars: Episode VII related rumors. This time around, nothing more about plot or casting but rather a peek at some of the production details. It looks like the powers-that-be have decided on some shooting locations, including a studio they’ll be using, as well as setting a date for when production is to officially begin.

Apparently, they’re looking at using the U.K.’s Pinewood Studios to shoot the flick. Though with Kathleen Kennedy expressing the desire to use a healthy dose of real locations, and not rely on CGI for every bloody thing, there’s no telling where the movie might end up as it runs its course. Other rumors say that there are already planned shoots in New Mexico, Iceland, Jordan, Scotland and Ireland. That’s quite the list and it promises us some fairly dynamic scenery if the rumor proves true.

As far as when they’re starting on this much-awaited movie, it looks like they’re almost ready to go. Rumors (again) put production as commencing on January 21st of next year. That’s just a few months off, so let the demand for set photos and spoiler leaks begin.

And as a side note, if you just can’t hold out for another two years and need a Star Wars fix now, this week sees the release of a new novel, Star Wars: Kenobi. This story will follow the tale of the titular old Jedi as he lands on Tatooine and hangs out, doing Force stuff while waiting for Luke to get old enough to wield his lightsaber like a grown man.

Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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I Love You, I Know, Ring Tattoos

ring 2

A tattoo of your beloved’s name is cool, but these Star Wars ring tattoos are even better. They take the famous lines spoken by Han and Leia just before he’s frozen in carbonite and turns them into rings along with an image of a lightsaber and the Death Star. Hmmm, not so sure I get the death star part of things but they’re cool just the same. Those afraid of needles might want to consider something less permanent like these handmade rings.

Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

(lady-fett via LATFG)

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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Avoiding Digital Film Format

star wars vii

The more I hear about what Disney has planned for the new Star Wars film, the more optimistic I get. In addition to using J.J. Abrams (which I personally think is a great move), they’ve also brought back John Williams and even announced that they’ll be sticking to using as many practical FX as they can instead of relying on digital. The latest news of their commitment to making it old-school? Another resistance of the digital format – the new Star Wars: Episode VII will be shot on actual film.

Yes, it looks like they’ll be relying on Kodak to bring this new tale to the big screen. While most of the industry it turning to digital because of its convenience, Disney appears to be going backwards. This is good news for director Abrams, as he has yet to shoot any film using digital methods. It also may prove good news for the fans, as it will be easier for them to capture a look that is more in line with the originals.

Unfortunately, it also means Abrams will get to use his lens flares. Let’s just hope that there’s someone there to stop him on that one.

Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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The Force Is Super Effective: $12 Tee Today Only! [Deals]


The Force is super effective, even if the graphics aren’t. Grab this t-shirt on sale for $12 today only!

Product Page ($12)

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Invader Zim Comes To The Dark Side: $11 Tee Today Only! [Deals]


This Star Wars / Invader Zim mashup is so, so great-and it can be yours for only $11! Better hurry though, the deal ends tomorrow.

Product Page ($11)

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Lindsey Stirling Cosplays “Star Wars” In Her Latest Violin Video


Lindsey Stirling, cosplayer and violinist extraordinaire, has turned her attentions to Star Wars in her latest video. We’ve seen Lindsey take on Skyrim, Legend of Zelda and Assassin’s Creed, but this time she’s using the Force. It features Lindsey playing a medley of music from the films accompanied by Peter Hollens who creates his music using nothing but his voice. Oh, and there’s also a cameo from an adorable Ewok.

See the video after the break…

Thanks to Bryce J. for the tip! Send your cosplay pics to

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‘Star Wars: Episode II’ Gets the Belated Media Re-Imagination Treatment


Last year Belated Media took a crack at fixing the problems as they saw them in George LucasStar Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Now they’re back with a look at how those changes would have rippled through and effected Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

The first treatment took Jar-Jar Binks out of the Star Wars equation right off the bat, watch the video to see what other characters might get the axe, or perhaps gain even greater roles in Belated Media’s re-imagining of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Via: Comic Book Movie

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