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Here’s a wonderful vintage 70′s family photo sent in by our good friend David. It shows him & his friend John Paul playing in the swimming pool with some of those Mego Bend & Flex Figures. Basically they were “bendy toys” of popular DC Comics superheroes ( they made MARVEL ones too ). I have a few of these in my collection. They’re really hard to find in MINT shape. Mostly because, back in the 1970′s, little kids played with them in the water ( Hey David, ha ha! ). If you would like more information about these toys, plus see some great pics, be sure to check out this article at the YESTERVILLE TOY ROOM website, just click HERE!

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Photo – Batman “Gotham City” Tattoo Art

Check out this amazing Batman “Gotham City” Tattoo Art… it’s an entire arm! This photo was sent in by our friend Robbie. I guess he’s pretty serious about being a Batman Fan, that’s AWESOME! Thank you Robbie for sharing your cool pic, this bat-tat artwork is great!!

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises and Joker!

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Just a quick post to share this brand-new image that’s out, a very nice Promo Photo from Warner Bros’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie. Of course it features, BANE!! Oh yeah, click on it to enlarge it, it’s sweeeet!

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FanimeCon 2012: The Photography of Bill Hinsee

The Photography of Bill Hinsee30

The Photography of Bill Hinsee39

The Photography of Bill Hinsee29

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Devil May Cry / Black★Rock Shooter: Dante and Black Rock Shooter

At this point here’s an epic cross-over you will don’t take a look at daily.Cosplay married couple Dante by Satan May perhaps Holes plus Schokohutige Small gravel Shooter were noticed go on Otakuthon 2012 within the Palais des congr s environnant les Montr al , Montreal Norm Facility (I have faith that married couple this means that several other snapshot but proper us if perhaps I’m bad).Friends connected with quarry, Satty, appeared to be one of the several audience within the conference, anf the took quite a number of pics. You might want to go and visit his particular Otakuthon record if youve been one of many cosplayers inside the hoax.Doing it looks like quite a huge event. I wish I found myself furthermore there too.

Dante and Black Rock Shooter

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ABBEY is a Super-Cool BATMAN FAN!!

OK, Now, how cute and adorable is this Little Batman Fan? LOTS!! This is Abbey and she is showing us her new BATMAN T-Shirt that I bet she totally loves! This is the Daughter of a friend to this site, Andy. He was kind enough to share this wonderful family photo with us. The funny thing, for me, is she totally reminds me of my own Sister when she was a little girl. They look a lot like. Anyways, thanks Andy for sharing and please show this post to Abbey because now she’s famous!!

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We always love it when Batman Fans who get Batman-related Tattoos share pics of the artwork they have recently had done. Here’s one from a BAT-BLOG Reader named Paul who got, not only Batman, but a Lot of Villains as well: The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, and Bane! The 2nd photo shows the original comic book art that was the inspiration. It’s interesting to see that Bane was added later. The Tattoo Artist is named “Bobby No” of Scallywag Tattoos in Miami, Fl. I should also note that this appears on Paul’s lower left leg… cool! Hey Paul, Thanks for sharing this great art with us.

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The Plugsuit Project Cosplay Gallery – Katsucon 2013

Anna Fischer is one of cosplay’s best photographers in America and I was very excited when she shared with me her latest cosplay gallery collection called The Plugsuit Project. The Plugsuit Project (PSP) are a series of photos that features special lighting that enhances PVC, latex, and Vinyl-fashioned cosplay. Here are her latest samples of her work, and you can see more as they upload (as well as more of her amazing work) here! These photos were taken at Katsucon 2013.

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Katsucon 2013 Cosplay Candids

Expect a whole lot of pictures and features of Katsucon 2013 in the next few weeks, so let us start with a collection of cosplay candids taken all over Katsucon by the hard-working Adam Howell of Howell’s Photography.


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Animazement 2012 Cosplay show

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow06

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow15

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow16

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