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Funny BATMAN PARODY Comic Strips!

Here’s a few random Batman-related Comic Strips that have been sent in by some awesome Bat-Blog Readers lately. They’re all completely hilarious, ha ha ha! ( Thanks to everybody to send them in ).

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Super-Rare BATMAN Memorabilia From The BATFAN Collection

Our buddy, THE BATFAN, sent us some cool photos the other day of a few rare bat-items from his personal collection. The 1st pic shows a funny BATMAN COOKING APRON that was made around the time of the 1989 Batman movie. I like that it’s the “Comic Book” version with the blue/gray/yellow bat-suit. The funny thing about it is that they made a mask to go with it! I actually remember this thing when it was out. I now wish I would have bought one, it’s pretty cool! The next group of items are really great too. They’re a Set of Batman & Robin Drinking Glasses that were made around 1967!! What makes them extremely hard to find here in the US is that they’re from the Netherlands. Yes, all the way from Holland!! I totally love the retro-style graphics, very beautiful! ( Please click on the photo for a larger, more detailed, picture ). Do you have any obscure super-rare Batman items in your collection? If so, then please shoot us a pic today. Our email is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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Photos – RARE Vintage 1960′s BATMAN Merchandise

As a Batman Toy Collector I always like to see super-rare items that are out there. It sort of gives me a goal to look for these things. Especially if I never knew they existed before. Here’s a few examples: This 1st photo shows a Batman “Character Sponge” still in it’s original package. Now, this item is so extremely RARE that I will probably NEVER find it, in any condition! I totally love the vintage graphics. The next 2 photos are of a 1966 Batman T-Shirt. This is one you don’t see a lot of. In fact, I kind of wonder if it’s an actual licensed product or not. But either way it’s pretty cool. The last item sort of cracks me up! It’s a Batman Bath Mitt. It’s sort of a hand puppet shaped terry-cloth towel sort of thing. I bet they also made one of Robin but I have never seen it. Items like this usually got used-up pretty good & that’s one reason you never see them today.

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VIDEO CLIP – 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Soundtrack – TV Commercial

This is sort of painful to see but it is a part of bat-history so here we go! This is the Original TV Commercial for the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Soundtrack as found on the VHS film release ( the music is kinda neat to hear again ). Also, in this video clip, you get you see Val Kilmer as Batman, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, Jim Carrey as The Riddler ( Carrey was actually pretty decent as that character ) & Chris O’Donnell as Robin.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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New 2010 BATMAN Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

OK, I know it’s way too early to talk about Christmas Ornaments, ha ha! But I just got this new photo from Hallmark & it’s pretty cool, so here we go. For 2010, Hallmark Card Stores will release the “BATMAN CAPED CRUSADER” Keepsake Ornament. I really like this one because it’s the classic comic book version…Oh Yeah!

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David’s Vintage 1980′s BATMAN GRAPHICS Beach Towel!

Here’s another photo sent in by a loyal Bat-Blog Fan named David. It’s a wonderful vintage family photo from around 1981 or so. It shows David, then age 13, with his favorite Batman Beach Towel. Oh man, the graphics are so extremely cool & this thing, today, is very very rare! The artwork looks like the classic stuff done by Carmine Infantino. I totally love this pic, thanks to David for sending it. If any other readers have any Bat-memories to share then please do. our email button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

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Funny – BATMAN Character MR. MEN Parody Art

For every person who is familiar with the Classic MR. MEN Children Books this post will be totally hilarious! A Graphic designer named “Seven Hundred” recently did a series of “Fake Book Covers” that are all a complete parody of the MR. MEN books but instead of the Mr.Men characters he used comic book super heroes. They’re kind of silly ( which they’re suppose to be ) but they’re very well done & retain the “Mr. Men art-style”. He did a lot of Batman ones & I’m only showing a couple of examples here. To see them all be sure to click HERE!

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One thing I love about doing the Bat-Blog is being in touch with lots of other Batman fanatics who are almost as crazy as I am, almost. But one of the coolest things is when they send photographic proof! Please check out the various Batman Birthday Cakes shown up above. All of these are cakes that our friend Perry has had so far. The years range from 1995 to 2008. Well, sounds to me like it’s time for another one, ha! Have you ever had a Batman-themed party? Please send us some pics. They can be vintage, like from the 1960′s, or modern day. I wanna thank Perry for sending these, they’re great!

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Batman Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday….on Thursday!

OK, I know that today is Thursday & on Wednesday I always post “Batman Themed Desktop background Wallpapers”. But I’ve been having a little trouble lately getting back on track. So, better late than never! Here are 3 Wallpaper Backgrounds that are sure to jazz-up any PC desktop. The 1st one uses some promo art that was done in the 1980′s by Paul Gulacy, it’s pretty cool. Plus, he’s a total bat-fan favorite. Speaking of “promo”, the next one uses some art that was found in an old comic book & was made to advertise the BATMAN RETURNS Video Game. It’s got Catwoman, The Penguin, & even his famous Duck-mobile vehicle….awesome! The last one is more modern day. it’s an image from the DC Universe Film BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD. Of course, it’s the Joker….looking pretty twisted ( as usual ). Please be sure to look in the far-left column of this blog where you can find the Bat-Blog Archives. There, you’ll see hundreds of other Bat-Wallpapers we have posted in the past…have fun!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

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Here’s a wonderful vintage 70′s family photo sent in by our good friend David. It shows him & his friend John Paul playing in the swimming pool with some of those Mego Bend & Flex Figures. Basically they were “bendy toys” of popular DC Comics superheroes ( they made MARVEL ones too ). I have a few of these in my collection. They’re really hard to find in MINT shape. Mostly because, back in the 1970′s, little kids played with them in the water ( Hey David, ha ha! ). If you would like more information about these toys, plus see some great pics, be sure to check out this article at the YESTERVILLE TOY ROOM website, just click HERE!

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