The Force Is Super Effective: $12 Tee Today Only! [Deals]


The Force is super effective, even if the graphics aren’t. Grab this t-shirt on sale for $12 today only!

Product Page ($12)

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Doc Around The Clock [T-Shirt]

doc 3

Now that the Twelfth Doctor has been revealed, it’s time to get him on a t-shirt. This one features all The Doctors in order around the face of a clock along with some Gallifreyan symbols. It’s all Doctor Who, all the time.

Product Page ($25.56 via shirtoid)

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Desmond’s BATMAN COSTUME T-Shirt!

Hey, Check it out! It’s our good buddy Desmond & he’s the coolest kid in the whole wide world! Why? Because …HE IS BATMAN!! See, here’s the photographic proof, ha ha! Actually, Desmond’s parents just bought him this extremely awesome “Batman Costume” T-Shirt at Target & they wanted to share this information with other Bat-Blog Fans, especially parents with small children. So, thanks Desmond…your bat-shirt is GREAT!! Now that I think about it, this would be sort of cool for Halloween. Thanks for sending us the cool pic.

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Jon Snow Admits He Knows Nothing [T-Shirt]

Jon Snow knows nothing

Ygritte spends most of her time telling Jon Snow that he knows nothing. That is, when she’s not kissing him (she sends mixed messages sometimes). In this Game of Thrones t-shirt design he not only admits it, he embraces it. Enjoy your innocence while you can, Snow! You’ll know it all by the time winter comes.

Product Page ($25 via Shirtoid)

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Can You Name All The Scientific Geniuses On This $12 Shirt? [Deals]

guess who science

This shirt features 24 giants of science for only $12! That’s like 50 cents a genius-talk about a bargain! There’s even an answer key printed on the back.

Better hurry though, the price on this shirt goes up tomorrow (and it will be available only in the top color choice).

Product Page ($12)

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I Can Has Cats…And Purrtals [T-Shirt]

Accessing your own tail is a lot easier when portals are involved. We Love Fine held an ‘I Can Has Cats’ T-shirt design contest last year, and Purrtal here by Sara Miscavage happened to be one of the runner-ups.

Portals and a cat… What’s not to love?

Product Page ($25 via Pwnlove)

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R2-D2: Like a Sir [T-Shirt]

No one every accused R2-D2 of being a scruffy-looking nerf herder, even when he was covered in dust on Tatooine. The little droid cleans up nicely in this 100% cotton shirt that shows him with monocle, mustache and jaunty bowler hat. I think Threepio is going to be jealous.

See another picture after the break…

Product Page ($23.99)

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Angry Birds Space Light-Up T-Shirt Has Lazer Bird Crossing Over With Cylon

Angry Birds meets Cylon

The Angry Birds literally took things out of this world in Angry Birds Space. The birds obviously had to undergo some changes in order to survive their new habitat. One such bird is Lazer Bird, which looks more like a cross between Yellow Bird and Cyclops, or even Battlestar Galactica’s Cylon.

Lazer Bird is so awesome at killing the alien piggies that he deserves his own shirt. Not just an ordinary shirt, but a light-up shirt that features Lazer Bird’s roaming eye. Check out a closer look at the design after the break.

Angry Birds meets Cylon

Product Page ($29.99)

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