Beautifully Tattooed Wonder Woman [Cosplay]


The tattoo and comic book worlds come together perfectly in this cosplay featuring Alyssa Anne. She makes the butt-kicking heroine even more badass, but what she does when she’s not busy channeling her inner superhero is even more amazing. In addition to modeling, Alyssa is a materials scientist. She’s got the brains and the beauty!

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A Batman Cowl Replica That’s So Good, Adam West Owns One


Designed by Williams Studio 2, this is the perfect accessory for the Batman cosplayer who’s looking to emulate Adam West in the 1966 television show.

This is an accurate replica of the Cowl Adam West wore during the 1966 Batman T.V. show. It is the only available cowl still being made from the original fabric which has been custom dyed to match a color sample from the dye house used on the show. The pattern was created by a professional pattern maker using a original cowl (from the Hardeman collection) The lightweight fiberglass shell was created using a plaster cast taken from an original as a base. Even the eyebrow paint color has been Pantone matched to the original.

It’s so good that Adam West even owns one!

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Product Page ($1,250 via technabob)

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Super Stunning Supergirl Cosplay

supergirl cosplay 5

Meet one of the best Supergirl cosplayers I’ve seen. Chiquitita Cosplay looks like she walked out of the comic books and into real life. She’s made a gorgeous costume, and she looks so amazing in it that I’m not sure why she would ever wear anything else. One of her photos even features her rescuing a cat. It’s purr-fect all the way around.

Photos by Dan Mulcahy.

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supergirl cosplay 2

supergirl cosplay 4

supergirl cosplay 1

supergirl cosplay 3

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Poison Ivy Has a Stunning New Dress [Cosplay]


This stunning Poison Ivy cosplay features Crystal Graziano at SDCC. The look is beautifully done with matching shoes and a long, green train that is just amazing. Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.

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Spectacular Mass Effect Subject Zero Cosplay


Mass Effect Subject Zero cosplay by Jia Jem. photographed by Ljinto. See more pics after the break.

zero 3

zero 4

zero 6

zero 7

zero 8

zero 9

zero 2

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Pangya: Kooh 02

pangya cosplay - kooh 02 from comiket 2010

A very athletic pirate from Bartos and the captain of the Lunar Tomb Ship, Kooh is a daughter trying to find her father, who went missing after the battle of the Demon King. She reunited her father’s pirate crew who disbanded thinking their captain had sided with the Demon King. Kooh is convinced that her father is innocent and aims to prove it with the help of her crew.

September will start off with a bang in Cosplay Holic as I’ve been forwarded photos of Japan’s Comiket 2010! And what a great collection of cosplayers we have this year! Thanks to Aila for sending this in! Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, japan, comiket, 2010, pangya, kooh, athletic, pirate, bartos, captain, lunar, tomb, ship, daughter, try, find, lost, father, missing, battle, demon, king, reunite, crew, disband, think, side, convince, innocent, aim, prove, help, september, start, bang, forward, great, collection, year, aila, contribution, email, , ,

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Wonder Woman Cos Play Outfits

Wonder Woman is one of the truly iconic superheroes – thanks to the success the comics and Lynda Carter’s TV version – Wonder Woman is up there in the league of Batman and Superman when it comes to listing the most famous superheroes of all time.
It’s no wonder then that this Amazonian Goddess is often chosen for cos play costumes – she’s sexy and smart – and that’s a perfect combo – and hey, at the convention’s Wonder Woman’s chocolate sure brings the boys to the yard!

Adrianne Curry as her favourite super gal

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman

Above is the Wonder Woman that every one is trying to match with their outfits, America’s original sweet heart, Lynda Carter.

Why so serious?

Sometimes even the celebrities like to play dress up for parties and orgies too. Here’s publicity whore Kim Kardasian vamping it up with her own costumed version of WW.

Double Trouble

Wonder Woman and close friend, Power Girl

What’s better than one Wonder Woman cos player? Two !

Of course, this is not to say every cos play queen gets the outfit right. Every so often some one pulls a costume out of the bag so bad and horrific that it becomes the stuff of legends and nigh mares. This image below is the ultimate classic wonder woman done wrong:

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Unknown Entry 068

unknown cosplay 68 from comiket 2010

I originally thought this cosplayer was from the game Steins;Gate because she is holding a pamphlet featuring Makise Kurisu on the cover. I think I am sadly mistaken, because I wasn’t able to find any character listed that bears the same description.

Anyone have a better idea? Thanks to Femi for sending this!

Technorati Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, japan, comiket, 2010, unknown, entry, 68, original, thought, steins, gate, hold, pamphlet, feature, cover, think, sad, mistake, find, list, bear, same, description, better, idea, femi, contribution, email, ,

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When Heroes and Deadly Traps Collide You Get The New Trailer for ‘All Superheroes Must Die’

Fans of the Saw series know the scenario well: a group of regular individuals fighting to survive the deadly traps of a madman. It’s paid off quite well for Lions Gate Entertainment‘s last seven films, but what happens when the madman & his traps are being used against super powered heroes?

That’s the premise for All Superheroes Must Die, the latest film from Image Entertainment and Jason Trost, the co-writer/director and star of the independent hit The FP..

When four super heroes awake in an abandoned town, they find themselves at the mercy of their abductor and Arch Nemesis, Rickshaw, played by Dexter‘s James Remar. Stripped of their powers, the heroes — including Trost and X-Men: First ClassLucas Till – must compete in a series of deadly challenges in a race against the clock to not only save the lives of the innocent civilians, but also their own.

Take a look at the trailer, from back when it was still called “VS”, after the jump.

width=”600″ height=”345″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”; allowFullScreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” />

Being able to get Remar and Till on the cast for a film shot with a budget of less then a million dollars shows that at least some people think this film has what it take to be a hit, myself included. Hopefully audiences will see it that way too when All Superheroes Must Die is released in video on demand Jan. 1st, 2013, with a limited theatrical release a few days later on Jan. 4th.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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Test Footage Of The Giant Mech Suit From Stan Winston Studios [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.59.49 PM copy

This giant, two-armed mech suit was built by Stan Winston Studios and Legacy Effects for Wired and made its debut at SDCC. Adam Savage even helped with the unveiling, but this footage shows it when it was more of a work-in-progress. Bruce D. Mitchell, the man inside the suit, stomps through the workshop, swinging his arms, and very nearly beheading several random employees. Try explaining that to workman’s comp.

See the video after the break…

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